Why don't you enjoy sea in Otaru? Part.2

Would you like take a cruser?
It takes about 15 minutes from Otaru station to Cruse ship dock. It's quite near from Otaru canal.
How about going cruising to Aquarium and Herring palace?
If you want to enjoy lovely landscape , I reccomend to join "Otamoi course".
You can feed seagulls !
It's really fun

                   Food for seagulls. 100 yen each.

There are 2 courses from pier No.3 to Shukutsu port and come around Otamoi besides.
Timetable depends on courses.
And sometimes cruising os canceled for bad weather.
【Red rock】
【Window rock
Otamoi has beautiful sea of emerald green and spectacular views.
Red rock, clift, window rock and todo rock.
I hope you enjoy Otaru sea.
【Otamoi seaside】
It's impossible to go through from parking to seaside because stones are likely to fall down.
You can enjoy this view only from boat.
【Yakata bune】(Mansion boat)
You can embark on mansion boat at pier No.3.
Mansion boat plis only on saturday, sunday and holidays.
It takes about 40 minutes within Otaru port.

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