waiting for you at the "16th Otaru Snow Light Path"

  Hello guys!
  I'd like the "Otaru Snow Story" has brought you an unforgettable memory of Otaru this winter.
  Also it's ok if you couldn't have come, because we will hold the "16th Otaru Snow Light Path" in February~_~
  There are many interesting events waiting for you ! 

 Winter Otaru Glass Market:
 Feb.2nd~Feb.9th 15:00~21:00
 Canal Plaza's Third Gallery

 Backyard Tour:
 Feb.2nd/8th/9th/11th/15th/16th 15:00 and 16:00      twice one day
         Gather at the "Hotel Vibrant Otaru"

 Wax-Bowl Making:
 Feb.7th~Feb.16th (one for 1000 en ;take-home OK! )

 Snow Object Making:
 Feb.7th~Feb.16th(one person for 1000 en ; offer free    rental gloves)

 Stamp Rally:
 Look for the "star-mark stamps "
 You'll get a great gift if you collect more than 4 stamps ! 

 The Photo Contest of LOVE:
 Apply with your photo of"Otaru Snow Light Path" 
 and you may win a great  gift !
 "Otaberu" Eating Around Ticket
 ¥2500 en( Sushi ticket + two free tickets)
         ¥3000 en( Sushi ticket + free ticket + experience ticket)

Mail otaruannai@hotmail.co.jp if you have any question


the Curtainfall of Otaru Snow Story 2013~2014

  Happy new year everybody!Thank you for your support and visit all the time.
  Without our noticing,The Otaru Snow Story has been held for almost two months and would come to the end by 2014.1.13 Mon.
  Among the events of the Otaru Snow Story,
the Ukidama Tree in front of our Plaza,

the Wineglass Tower in the 1st gallery 

the Snow Pallet in the yard
City Hot Pot 100 chosen
are still keeping on going.
 As the Curtainfall of Otaru Snow Story 2013~2014,we will hold the Final Live at 2014.1.13 Mon 13:00~18:00 ,in the 1st gallery of our Canal Plaza. You can enjoy the live show right in front of you with gratuitous admission.
  Waiting for your visit and wish you have a good time in Otaru!