Having a happy weekend with your children.

 Hello everyone! Would you be worried about the place to play with your children at weekend ? Please come to Canal Plaza on 28th Feb,2016. We will hold a happy event for your children.

 2016.2.28 Sun 10:30-15:00  Admission Free
Otaru Canal Plaza Gallery 
 (There is no free parking here. Please use bus or paying parking around here.)

  Mini Sports Meeting for Vehicle Competition and Devour Competition
        AM→11:30〜   PM→13:30〜   Capacity→each one for 50 people

     ♥Toy made of wood
        windup doll, roller doll, playing house, train and so on

     ♥Special Corner
       Athletics, Go Go Driving
     ♥Game from old days
       Beanbag, Bamboo Spatulas, Folded Paper

   Waiting for your coming with your children this weekend.


Otaru Snow Light Path in 2016

  Hello everyone!
  Would you like snow ? Is there a lot of snow in your country every year ? I like the winter of Hokkaido because we can make snowman everywhere. Additionally, you also can enjoy a snow festival named "Otaru Snow Light Path" in Otaru on 5th-14th February, 2016.

  Here is Otaru Canal Plaza  where International Information Center at to guide Japanese and Foreigners to travel around Otaru.

   Winter in Hokkaido is so cold but snow is well-liked by tourists. You also can make your own snowman here to make your memories. 

 There are so many foreigner tourists coming here every year. 

  We are waiting for you at this romantic Snow Light Path.