Old shopping street~Miyako street

Hi, I'll introduce interesting spot today especially for foreigner's customers. This spot is named "Miyako dori". "Miyako" is a name of a place and "dori" means street. It's quite near from Otaru station, it takes 3 minutes by walk. Actually, it close to Otaru station though there are not so many tourists in the street. Because this street is old and there are no souvenir shops...but I think this street has attraction. There are lots of traditional shops for example, old Japanese sweet's shop, old cafe, general shop, hardware house and so on. Local people of Otaru loves this street and I like this atmosphere.

It's alley behind the "Nagasakiya". (Nagasakiya is a kind of supermarket in front of Otaru station.)

How about trying to speak Japanese in Otaru's native dialect??:) There are many posters on poles they explain about Otaru's dialect.

Wow!!:-O  Giant boot!!

Many local people...

If you touch this statue, good things will happen...:)
The back signboard says...
1.If you touch his head, you will be clever
2.If you touch his ear, you will succeed in business
3.If you touch his nose, you will be healthy
4.If you touch his face, you will get lucky face
5.If you touch his stomach, you will be lucky with money
6.If you touch his beard, you will be able to get wonderful partner
7.If you touch his hand, you will be happily married forever
It's funny, isn't it? :)


Tourist information ♯3

Hello, I'll show you third tourist information today. Last one is on the "Asakusa bridge".(It takes 5 minutes by walk from Canal plaza.) There are so many people on Asakusa bridge because here is really famous spot to take a photo. If you take a photo against the background of Canal, it will be like a postcard

This is our third information and me:-)

It's like a log cabin.

Let's have a look inside it...

They are my co-workers.

Ms.Matsuhashi (left) and Ms.Yamamoto.

I introduced Ms.Matsuhashi before and Ms.Yamamoto is my colleague and she is taking charge of Chinese.

The usual scene...(with Kouchan. He is a staff of Rickshaw)


Is this similar to your country's??

Hi:) It's sudden though, do you know that red thing on this photo? Actually this is Japanese mailbox. However this mailbox is not recent design. Many Japanese people will feel nostalgic when they see it. This mailbox is in Canal plaza and still actively working. We sell postcards of Otaru's view and it's possible to send them from Canal plaza.


Brave Dog "Bunchan"

Hello, how are ya?? Otaru became cold but, are you all right?

I told you about "Bunkou" a litte last time so, I'll tell you in detail today. 95 years ago, a fireman saved a puppy in the ruins of a fire. This puppy's mother died to guard the puppy from a big fire. A fireman looked for someone who could bring up the puppy but many people had lost their own house. That's why it's difficult to find master soon. Then, the fireman decided to have the puppy in the fire station. The puppy was named "Bunkou" and many people called him "Bun-chan". "chan" is Japanese friendly style. He loved dried herring. (Dried herring is specialty of Otaru.) He was active in the scene of fire, for example he helped to carry hose always and barked around rope which is drawed to keep people separate from fire. His article appeared on newspapers many times. He became quite famous all over Japan and he've gotten lots of letters and cards. He finished his life when he was 24years old. Now you can see a stuffed "Bunkou" in Otaru museum(annex. Former Otaru warehouse) In addition, you can meet him in front of Canal plaza as bronze statue of "Bunkou".

He rode fire engine over 1,000 times!! (This photo is on statue.)

You can read the book about "Bunkou" at the cafe in Canal plaza.


Tourist information ♯2

Hi, How are you??:-) Finally we can feel autumn in Otaru. There are three tourist informations in Otaru. One of them is at Otaru station, I introduced about it before and I'll introduce second information today. Second information is named "Canal Plaza". It takes 10 minutes from Otaru station on foot and located quite near from canal. If you come to Canal plaza, dog's statue will greet you.

His name is "Bunkou". I'll let you know next time about why he is standing in front of Canal plaza. When you come in Canal plaza, you will see tourist information counter first.

Every information staff will give you great information. This cute woman is Ms.Matsuhashi** She loves pleasant thoughts Next to us (tourist information), there is a cafe.

This cool guy is master of the cafe. Mr.Sasaki** You can enjoy not only coffee but also yummy soft-serve ice cream, cream sweet with bean paste(japanese style sweet), Otaru beer...and so on.

Crab, salmon, sea urchin, salmon roe, tuna and shrimp... OOOPS!! Please don't eat these sushi!! Actually, these sushi are made from glasses and these sushi are key accessories. Every sushi look cute aren't they?? You can get these pretty stuffs in Canal plaza. Otaru is famous about glass. You can find many kinds of glass manufactured goods in Otaru.


Calling to your friend★

Hello, how are you ?? If you come to Otaru, and you miss your friend and family, there is nothing to worry about:-) Because there are public phones and they are available as international phone call as well. You can get international calling card easily at convenience stores. You must come and see us anytime you like!!
C YA!!

At the Otaru station