Tourist information ♯3

Hello, I'll show you third tourist information today. Last one is on the "Asakusa bridge".(It takes 5 minutes by walk from Canal plaza.) There are so many people on Asakusa bridge because here is really famous spot to take a photo. If you take a photo against the background of Canal, it will be like a postcard

This is our third information and me:-)

It's like a log cabin.

Let's have a look inside it...

They are my co-workers.

Ms.Matsuhashi (left) and Ms.Yamamoto.

I introduced Ms.Matsuhashi before and Ms.Yamamoto is my colleague and she is taking charge of Chinese.

The usual scene...(with Kouchan. He is a staff of Rickshaw)


  1. Robyn Murray [ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=526800096 ]

    Hi Yuko, thank you for continuing to post interesting facts about Otaru. My name is Robyn and i am from Dunedin, NZ....sister city to Otaru. I am president of the Dunedin Otaru Sister City Society and i recently visited your lovely city! Soon a delegation of 46 members will visit Dunedin! We are busy making many plans for them! I will share your blog with my committee members, they will be very happy that it is in English! I look forward to your next post :)

  2. Hello, Robyn. Thank you for your comment.
    I'm really glad because you're enjoying my blog.
    And 46 members will visit Dunedin!
    Wow, it will be great time!
    I want to learn about your city as well.
    My English is not so good but I'll do my best in my blog so, If you want to know about Otaru, please let me know. I'll write up about it in my blog.
    Thank you.