Old shopping street~Miyako street

Hi, I'll introduce interesting spot today especially for foreigner's customers. This spot is named "Miyako dori". "Miyako" is a name of a place and "dori" means street. It's quite near from Otaru station, it takes 3 minutes by walk. Actually, it close to Otaru station though there are not so many tourists in the street. Because this street is old and there are no souvenir shops...but I think this street has attraction. There are lots of traditional shops for example, old Japanese sweet's shop, old cafe, general shop, hardware house and so on. Local people of Otaru loves this street and I like this atmosphere.

It's alley behind the "Nagasakiya". (Nagasakiya is a kind of supermarket in front of Otaru station.)

How about trying to speak Japanese in Otaru's native dialect??:) There are many posters on poles they explain about Otaru's dialect.

Wow!!:-O  Giant boot!!

Many local people...

If you touch this statue, good things will happen...:)
The back signboard says...
1.If you touch his head, you will be clever
2.If you touch his ear, you will succeed in business
3.If you touch his nose, you will be healthy
4.If you touch his face, you will get lucky face
5.If you touch his stomach, you will be lucky with money
6.If you touch his beard, you will be able to get wonderful partner
7.If you touch his hand, you will be happily married forever
It's funny, isn't it? :)

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