Premium Green Tea Terrine in Otaru Grand Park Hotel

 Hello everyone ! Would you like Japanese sweets ? Would you know Japanese Tea Culture ?  Japanese like green tea, so green tea is no only for drinking but also for the sweets made. 
  I want to introduce a new kind of sweets named "Premium Green Tea Terrine".

  Terrine is from France and famous in Asia. Grand Park Hotel creates this  "Premium Green Tea Terrine" by green tea and chocolate. 

  You can buy it at Patisserie in Grand Park Otaru 2F.

  Please have a taste !


Giant Clam Festival in Otaru 2015

   Hello everyone ! Would you like Giant Clam? Otaru holds the Giant Clam Festival every year. Would you like join in with us to taste delicious Giant Clams on 21st and 22nd Nov of this year?

   These pictures were taken last year and two years ago. It looks so delicious, doesn't it?

   We are waiting for your coming with Giant Clams. Please take part in the Giant Clam Festival in Otaru 2015.


So-net MOMO came to Canal Plaza

  Hello everyone. Would you know So-net MOMO? 
  She is a character for So-net which is in SONY group. ++Wow++ !! MOMO came to Canal Plaza for getting  tourist information.
  I was talking with her about her taste. She likes sea food so much that can eat a lot, so I recommend her to go to the sea food market to have a lunch. 
  MOMO looks very exciting when hearing of sea food market. If you want to eat delicious sea food, please come to Otaru ! After getting some information, MOMO gave me a warm hug.
   We also took a commemorative photo to advertise Otaru.
  Would you like MOMO? Would you also want to enjoy your trip in Otaru like MOMO ?
We are waiting for your coming.