So-net MOMO came to Canal Plaza

  Hello everyone. Would you know So-net MOMO? 
  She is a character for So-net which is in SONY group. ++Wow++ !! MOMO came to Canal Plaza for getting  tourist information.
  I was talking with her about her taste. She likes sea food so much that can eat a lot, so I recommend her to go to the sea food market to have a lunch. 
  MOMO looks very exciting when hearing of sea food market. If you want to eat delicious sea food, please come to Otaru ! After getting some information, MOMO gave me a warm hug.
   We also took a commemorative photo to advertise Otaru.
  Would you like MOMO? Would you also want to enjoy your trip in Otaru like MOMO ?
We are waiting for your coming.


  1. Hi,

    could you please advise me where can i make reservation to have glass blowing?

    thank you

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for your message and sorry for my late reply.
      There are many glass shops in Otaru for glass blowing, but the customer should can speak Japanese, because the fire using is a little dangerous if you do not know the instruction.
      Thank you !!!