Countdown events for New Year

There are some great opportunities for the countdown party to New year in Otaru.

I'll introduce you them today.

With delicious local beer!

【Countdown 2012】

Time: 2011/Dec.31. 8pm ~ 2012/Jan.1. 5pm

Place: Otaru-soko No.1 (Otaru's local beer brewery)

Access: 15 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.

★This brewery is located along the Otaru canal, which has good restaurant with stage for concerts too. Dance and music shows will be held from 8pm. They sell advance eat & drink ticket for 2,000yen. (Face value is 2,500yen)

Website: http://otarubeer.com/jp/

With delicious Japanese sake!

【Tanaka Sake brewery "Yuku sake Kuru sake 2012"】

Time: 2011/Dec.31. 11pm ~ 2012/Jan.1. 2am

Place: Tanaka Sake brewery Kikkogura branch

Access: 40 minutes walk from JR Otaru station. 15 minutes walk from Minami Otaru station.

There is no bus around this time.

Taxi...from Otaru station, 10minutes.

from Minami Otaru station, 5minutes.

★They offer first Japanese sake of the year. You can enjoy "Herring soba (noodle)", rice cake and so on.

Website: http://www.tanakashuzo.com/

See the first sunrise of the year!

【Mt.Tengu Rope way】

Time: Run from 2012/Jan.1. 6:30am

Place: Mountaintop of Mt. Tengu

Access: Special bus runs for the first sunrise from Chuo-bus Otaru station terminal. It takes about 20minutes to the base of Mt. Tengu.

Bus Timetable... 6:30, 6:36, 6:42, 6:48, 6:54, 7:00, 7:06, 7:12, 7:18, 7:24, 7:30, 7:36, 7:42, 7:48, 7:54, 8:00, 8:12, 8:24, 8:36, 8:48

★They provide free hot soup with rice cake from 7am, limited for 100 visitors.

Website: http://www.cks.chuo-bus.co.jp/tenguyama/

Otaru is quite cold place but would you like to enjoy a great new year in Otaru?

Thank you for your reading my blog this year.

I will do my best more for this blog next year.

I wish you a bright and successful New Year :)


The 14th Otaru Snow Light Path

In the coldest time of the year, a romantic event is held every year in Otaru.

The name of the event is...

"Otaru Snow Light Path"


We don't have details of this event yet, but surely Otaru becomes romantic during this term, because lots of candles are put everywhere in our town, on the surface of Otaru canal too.

Date...2012/Feb.2 (Fri) ~ 12 (Sun)

Time...5pm ~ 9pm

Website... http://www.yukiakarinomichi.org/

Would you like postcards of this event??

These postcards can be purchased at Canal Plaza and

Asakusa bridge tourist information :)


Business hours for New Years' Days

Hi, how are you?

We finished an our long event "Otaru Long Xmas" 2 days ago.

One of our tourist information "Canal Plaza" looks like a little bit quiet now.

Thank you for so many visitors coming to Canal Plaza.

There are only 4 days left in 2011.

We have been receiving inquiries these days about business hours for new years' days.

Tourist information centers

Dec 31...9am~3pm

Jan 1...Close

Sushi restaurants

Almost all sushi restaurants close on Dec 31 and Jan 1, and open from Jan 2.

Sweets shops

Almost all sweets shops open without holiday.

Fish markets

Only "Sankaku market"(三角市場) opens every day.

Almost other markets close on Jan 1~4.

(Rinyu morning market 鱗友朝市) is closed until Jan 1o)

Shops on Sakaimachi street

Open every day without holiday.

(Glass shops, music box shops, and other souvenir shops, etc)

Ski Resorts

Open every day without holiday.

Other Facilities

Otaru Aquarium...close on Dec 29 ~ Jan 1

Otaru Museum...close on Dec 29 ~ Jan 3

Otaru city museum of art...close on Dec 29 ~ Jan 3

◆Former Otaru branch of Nihon Yusen Co...close on Dec 29 ~ Jan 3

◆Museum of Bank...close on Dec 31 ~ Jan 5


Website for Free Direct Bus service!

Hello, how are ya :)

I introduced about free direct bus service before, and this is a website for reservation and details⇊


We are looking forward to seeing you in Otaru!!


Skiing and Hot spring...Great!!

I will introduce one of ski resorts in Otaru today.

There are three ski resorts in Otaru, and one of them "Asari Ski Area" offers many convenient and special pricing plans for visitors.

Actually, this ski area is located in the center of Onsen (Hot spring) area.

They has lots of courses which are named in color names, like "Purple course", "Green course", "Red course" and so on. That's easy to find out on the ski resort map :)

In addition, there are other facilities, such as "Kids park", "Cross country skiing course", "Snow park", etc.

"Kids park" was set up for children, as its name suggests, to enjoy sledding and playing in the snow.

"Snow park" was opened from this season. There are some special slopes.

Fare details and Special courses

1 day lift ticket...Adult 2,500yen, 13~18yrs 2,200yen, over 55yrs 2,200yen, Children 1,400yen

◆Special courses

1. Lunch course (includes lunch and 1day lift ticket)...Adult 2,900yen, Children 1,800yen

2. Empty handed course (includes rent ski tools, ski suit, groves, knit head wear, 1day lift ticket and lunch)...Adult (only) 8,000yen

3. Rental course (includes ski or snowboard tools, 1day lift ticket)...Adult 4,800yen, Children 3,400yen

4. Onsen (Hot spring) course (includes charge for day trip bathing and 1day lift ticket)...Adult 2,750yen, Children 1,650yen

and more, there are some unique courses and ski lessons.


From JR Otaru station...

30 minutes by bus from Chuo-bus Otaru station terminal, bus# 13, Gate# 2, Fare 310yen, please get off at "Kanpo no yado"(かんぽの宿).

Bus from Sapporo (needs booking)...

【Period】 Dec.10~Mar.20 (only on Sat, Sun, Holidays) (※Everyday from Dec.23 to Jan.16)

【Fare】 OW 800yen (Child 400yen)

【Booking】 Reservation is required by making a phone call by the day before, 3:30pm.

Tel... +81 134 54 0101 (Asarigawaonsen Ski Area)

I hope you enjoy beautiful snow and hot spring in Otaru!!


Free direct bus service!

This is a great information for visitors to Otaru!!

From 21st of December, free direct bus will run 2 times a day, 5 days every week, from New Chitose Airport to some hotels in Otaru.

This bus needs to be reserved by 4 days before your staying, but really convenient.

You don't need to worry about access right after your arrival at the airport.

How to make a booking

①Download a application form from the web site of Otaru Tourism Association.

②Fill in the form.

③Fax it to your staying hotel.

④Get a fax back as a confirmation.

⑤That's all!!

Details of Direct bus

Operated term

2011/Dec.21 ~ 2012/Feb.29


Dep. 14:30 (Wed, Thu, Fri, Sta, Sun) limited to 90 people.

17:00 (Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun) limited to 45 people.

This bus is limited to guests who stay at these hotels...

Authent Hotel Otaru URL http://www.authent.co.jp/

Grand Park Otaru URL http://www.parkhotelgroup.com/otaru/

Hotel Sonia URL http://www.hotelsonia.co.jp/

Hotel Nord Otaru URL http://www.hotelnord.co.jp/

Asarigawaonsen Korakuen URL http://www.otaru-korakuen.com/

Otaru Asari Classe Hotel URL http://www.classe-hotel.com/

Winkel URL http://www.winkel.co.jp/

Kuramure URL http://www.kuramure.com/

The URL of this reservation form will be appeared on the web site of Otaru Tourism Association ( http://www.otaru.gr.jp/ ) soon !! :)


Do you know "Stamp Rally Game"??

Have you ever heard "Stamp rally game"?

We call this game just "Stamp rally".

I don't know why but, often this kind of stamp rally game is held in Otaru.

For example, in our holding event, "Otaru Long Xmas" has "Romantic Stamp Rally".

Lots of shops, restaurants, hotels etc join this game.

If you use these facilities, each staff will stamp on your stamp form. If you collect 5 stamps, you'll be able to try the lot at Canal Plaza.

You might get special gift!

I made English leaflet and map for this game.

When you come to Otaru, please feel free to visit tourist information center and ask about these leaflets.


Xmas limited menu!

I introduced before but, now we're having a event named "Otaru Long Xmas".

During this event, we can enjoy special limited menu at some sushi restaurants.

I went to "Fuji-sushi restaurant" on Sakaimachi street with my coworkers.

We ordered...

It's saying "Xmas roll 950yen"

We really enjoyed it and other Japanese food.

This Xmas sushi roll is crab, tuna, squid and salmon are rolled with rice and egg like a crepe.

Salmon roe is on the top of them.

Looks yummy, isn't it??

Would you like to try them in Otaru????:)