Business hours for New Years' Days

Hi, how are you?

We finished an our long event "Otaru Long Xmas" 2 days ago.

One of our tourist information "Canal Plaza" looks like a little bit quiet now.

Thank you for so many visitors coming to Canal Plaza.

There are only 4 days left in 2011.

We have been receiving inquiries these days about business hours for new years' days.

Tourist information centers

Dec 31...9am~3pm

Jan 1...Close

Sushi restaurants

Almost all sushi restaurants close on Dec 31 and Jan 1, and open from Jan 2.

Sweets shops

Almost all sweets shops open without holiday.

Fish markets

Only "Sankaku market"(三角市場) opens every day.

Almost other markets close on Jan 1~4.

(Rinyu morning market 鱗友朝市) is closed until Jan 1o)

Shops on Sakaimachi street

Open every day without holiday.

(Glass shops, music box shops, and other souvenir shops, etc)

Ski Resorts

Open every day without holiday.

Other Facilities

Otaru Aquarium...close on Dec 29 ~ Jan 1

Otaru Museum...close on Dec 29 ~ Jan 3

Otaru city museum of art...close on Dec 29 ~ Jan 3

◆Former Otaru branch of Nihon Yusen Co...close on Dec 29 ~ Jan 3

◆Museum of Bank...close on Dec 31 ~ Jan 5

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