Skiing and Hot spring...Great!!

I will introduce one of ski resorts in Otaru today.

There are three ski resorts in Otaru, and one of them "Asari Ski Area" offers many convenient and special pricing plans for visitors.

Actually, this ski area is located in the center of Onsen (Hot spring) area.

They has lots of courses which are named in color names, like "Purple course", "Green course", "Red course" and so on. That's easy to find out on the ski resort map :)

In addition, there are other facilities, such as "Kids park", "Cross country skiing course", "Snow park", etc.

"Kids park" was set up for children, as its name suggests, to enjoy sledding and playing in the snow.

"Snow park" was opened from this season. There are some special slopes.

Fare details and Special courses

1 day lift ticket...Adult 2,500yen, 13~18yrs 2,200yen, over 55yrs 2,200yen, Children 1,400yen

◆Special courses

1. Lunch course (includes lunch and 1day lift ticket)...Adult 2,900yen, Children 1,800yen

2. Empty handed course (includes rent ski tools, ski suit, groves, knit head wear, 1day lift ticket and lunch)...Adult (only) 8,000yen

3. Rental course (includes ski or snowboard tools, 1day lift ticket)...Adult 4,800yen, Children 3,400yen

4. Onsen (Hot spring) course (includes charge for day trip bathing and 1day lift ticket)...Adult 2,750yen, Children 1,650yen

and more, there are some unique courses and ski lessons.


From JR Otaru station...

30 minutes by bus from Chuo-bus Otaru station terminal, bus# 13, Gate# 2, Fare 310yen, please get off at "Kanpo no yado"(かんぽの宿).

Bus from Sapporo (needs booking)...

【Period】 Dec.10~Mar.20 (only on Sat, Sun, Holidays) (※Everyday from Dec.23 to Jan.16)

【Fare】 OW 800yen (Child 400yen)

【Booking】 Reservation is required by making a phone call by the day before, 3:30pm.

Tel... +81 134 54 0101 (Asarigawaonsen Ski Area)

I hope you enjoy beautiful snow and hot spring in Otaru!!

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