Free direct bus service!

This is a great information for visitors to Otaru!!

From 21st of December, free direct bus will run 2 times a day, 5 days every week, from New Chitose Airport to some hotels in Otaru.

This bus needs to be reserved by 4 days before your staying, but really convenient.

You don't need to worry about access right after your arrival at the airport.

How to make a booking

①Download a application form from the web site of Otaru Tourism Association.

②Fill in the form.

③Fax it to your staying hotel.

④Get a fax back as a confirmation.

⑤That's all!!

Details of Direct bus

Operated term

2011/Dec.21 ~ 2012/Feb.29


Dep. 14:30 (Wed, Thu, Fri, Sta, Sun) limited to 90 people.

17:00 (Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun) limited to 45 people.

This bus is limited to guests who stay at these hotels...

Authent Hotel Otaru URL http://www.authent.co.jp/

Grand Park Otaru URL http://www.parkhotelgroup.com/otaru/

Hotel Sonia URL http://www.hotelsonia.co.jp/

Hotel Nord Otaru URL http://www.hotelnord.co.jp/

Asarigawaonsen Korakuen URL http://www.otaru-korakuen.com/

Otaru Asari Classe Hotel URL http://www.classe-hotel.com/

Winkel URL http://www.winkel.co.jp/

Kuramure URL http://www.kuramure.com/

The URL of this reservation form will be appeared on the web site of Otaru Tourism Association ( http://www.otaru.gr.jp/ ) soon !! :)

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