2016 Chinese Peony and Tree Peony Festival

The 2016 Chinese Peony and Tree Peony Festival will be held at the Otaru Kihinkan (The Old Aoyama Villa).  Designated as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property by the City of Otaru, it was built by the Aoyama family who were one of three herring fishing tycoons during the Taisho era. The total construction fee for this luxurious villa equivalent in today's money is 3 billion yen (roughly 27 million US dollars).  Approximately 700 Peony buds bloom throughout the garden in this extravagant villa, making for a stunning sight.

2016 Chinese Peony and Tree Peony Festival

63 3 Chome, Shukutsu, Otaru, 047-0047 (Google Map)
Tel: 0134-24-0024

May 25 (Wed) ~ July 7 (Thur.) 

9:00 ~ 17:00 (*last admission 16:30)

Restaurant Last Order 16:00

*If you come wearing a Kimono during the festival, 
admission to the Old Aoyama Villa is free!

Events calendar

June 4 (Sat.)  11:30~, 13:30~
     Takashima Echigo Bon Odori (Japanese Bon Dance)

June 11 (Sat.)  11:30~, 13:30~
     Taiko "Kokyo" (Japanese drums)

June 11 (Sat.) & 25 (Sat.) 11:00 ~ 15:00
     Senchado "Goyokai" Teichaseki (Japanese Tea Ceremony)
     Complimentary at the Old Aoyama Villa

Free Parking (30 spaces)

Access by city bus from the Otaru Bus Terminal (in front of Otaru train station)

 Gate 3 - #10 bus for the Otaru Aquarium
 Get off at the "Otaru Kihinkan" bus stop
 first bus at 9:50, then every hour after at :50 (10:50, 11:50, 12:50, etc.)


 Gate 3 - #11 for the Otaru Aquarium
 Get off at the "Shukutsu 3 Chome" stop, about a 5 minute walk to the Kihinkan
 first bus at 8:40, then every hour after at :10 and :40 (9:10, 9:40, 10:10, 10:40,etc.)


More Cherry Blossoms and Tengu Mountain!

If photos of cherry blossoms from the previous post weren't enough, here are links to more!

They're sorted by date so you can see them from when they were blossoms to their peak bloom.

May 1
 さくら Cherry Blossoms  (Suitengu Shrine 桜桜) (Hanazono Bridge 桜) (Hanazonoginza Shopping Street 桜桜 )  
 さくら Cherry Blossoms  (Otaru Police Station 桜桜桜桜桜桜桜桜) 
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Former Temiya Railway さくら)

May 2 
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Tenjoji Temple 桜)  
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Minami Otaru Station 桜桜)

May 3 
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Temiya Botanical Garden さくら)  
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Canal Park さくら)
 さくら Cherry Blossoms  (Canal Plaza さくら )  (Nidan Park 桜桜桜桜桜(Mangiare Takinami 桜桜桜

May 4
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Suitengu Shrine 桜桜桜 ) (Hanazono Bridge さくら) (Hanazonoginza Shopping Street さくら)
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (ライトMangiare Takinami さくら(ライトNidan Park さくら)
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Otaru Musuem さくら)
 さくら Cherry Blossom  (Temiya Parkさくら )

May 5
 さくら Cherry Blossoms  (Tenjoji Temple さくら)   
 さくら Cherry Blossoms  (Minami Otaru Station さくら)
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Sumiyoshi Shrine さくら)

May 6
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Along Otaru Station, Funamizaka Street さくら)

May 7
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Nagahashi Naebo Park さくら)

May 8
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Jooji Temple さくら)

May 9
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Park at Sunadome railroad crossing さくら)
 さくら Cherry Blossoms (Suitengu Shrine さくら)

Unfortunately, most of the petals have fallen off from the above places, but the cherry tree at Tengu Mountain has just started to bloom. Because of its location, it is the last cherry tree to bloom in Otaru. This Ezo Mountain Cherry tree called Tengu Sakura by locals is adored by many, as when the blossoms are in full bloom, they form the shape of a heart.

Tengu Sakura

There even was a pile of snow still left!

When lit up at night, the enchanting sight of the Tengu Sakura is simply breathtaking!! (photo taken last year courtesy of Chuo Bus)


The view from the observatory is spectacular whether it's daytime or nighttime so be sure to include this in your trip!

Otaru Tenguyama
2-16-15 Mogami, Otaru
tel:  0134-33-7381
Operating Hours:  9:30 ~ 21:00 (Last ride up 20:48)
Roundtrip fare: Adult ¥1,140 Child ¥570