Otaru Kamae Kamaboko (boiled fish paste)

Hello everyone!
     Have you eaten a lot of delicious seafood in Hokkaido?  Would you know other famous food in Otaru ? It is named of Kamaboko in Japanese meaning boiled fish paste.

 I have been to the event for Kamaboko at its factory named Kamae. The mascot character of Otaru called Ungappa also showed us his perfect dance there. 

  My dear friends, don't you want to come Otaru to eat the famous Kamaboko? Very,Very DeliciousHurry up!!!


Money Exchange in North Pacific Bank

Hello My Dear
  Are you worrying about money exchange? North Pacific Bank can help you to get Japanese yen while travelling in Otaru. 
  Now you also can get this discount coupon from Otaru Canal Plaza.
 The North Pacific Bank is very near from Otaru Station about 5 min walk. Please have a look for this map and you can get it from Otaru Station.

 No worry ! No anxiety ! Enjoy your trip in Otaru !!!


Hokkaido Drive Guide★

  Hello my dear❤ It is very hot in Otaru this summer. Have you come here for your vacation? Walking is so hot, so a lot of people choose driving around here to enjoy their trip.
  Could you know Japanese? Is it possible for you to use navigation to search road? Don't worry about it. We have prepared "Hokkaido Drive Guide" for you.
   Hokkaido drive information is mentioned in this guide book especially Central Hokkaido. Driving as this way Sapporo → Otaru → Yoichi → Shakotan and so on to  enjoy your vacation will be your unforgettable experience. 

  We have  prepared this guide book for you at Otaru Canal Plaza. Please take it to enjoy driving around Hokkaido! GO!!!!!!!!!!


Otaru Tourist Map in English 2015

  Hello everyone. We have uploaded the tourist map of Otaru,
Please download it before coming here for your trip.

Otaru MAP of English

Otaru Local Specialty~Otaru Wine and sweets♥

  Hello everyone ! It is so hot this summer in Hokkaido.How about your country ?   
Beer is so nice for hot summer, but I like wine better because it is sweet

   Having a dinner of Otaru Wine with raw shrimps to recover from my fatigue from work. The delicious Otaru wine is sold at Otaru Canal Plaza where located near by the canal and about 10 minutes walk from Otaru Station.

  In addition, please have a look to us.Our name is Otaru Ungappa means river sprite in Japanese. We are also made for a Japanese sweets. Does it seem so delicious? Please come to eat us as soon as possible.We are in Japanese sweets shop named Tsukushi Makita.

  Waiting for you