The first day of Ushio festival.

Hi there :)

We finished the first day of Ushio festival yesterday, and it was succeed!
Because it was rain in yesterday morning, we were worried that the fireworks could be shoot off or not, but we could watch beautiful one at last!

There are many food strolls in front of canal plaza such as Otaru Ankake Yakisoba.
I ate it as my dinner and it was the first time for me to eat it!
It was so nice...I'd love to eat it today, too! :) haha

And kind of dancing parade named Furekomi was held yesterday along the Chuo dori street.
I could not see people dancing unfortunately, but I saw a great drum show of kids!

They were playing the drums in a track.

This is the track they were playing the drums in.
The kids were soooooooo cute! It was so nice to see them!

At night, the fireworks started at 8pm.
I could not take pictures well, but I hope this picture can tell you that Bun(the dog) also enjoyed the festival yesterday.

We're still having Ushio festival until tomorrow.
Come to enjoy the festival together! :)


correction for the entry of 2013 24th July


I'm sorry but I made a mistake about the date of Ushio Matsuri.

It is held for 26th to 28th July.

I wrote August, but it is July actually..
I'm really sorry for that.

Please make sure that Ushio Matsuri is held on July, not August!


a big summer festival in Otaru - Ushio Matsuri


These days, people in Otaru are preparing for the biggest summer festival named..
"Ushio Matsuri" !!

In front of Canal Plaza, a big advertising display is set.
Ushio Matsuri will be held for 26th to 28th August  July.
(I corrected it on 26th July. I'm sorry that I made a mistake, Ushiro matsuri is held on July!)
You can enjoy fireworks, Nerikomi (kind of dancing) and some various shows!
And also you can find many of food stalls such as Ankake Yakisoba.

If you are planning to come to Otaru this summer, please experience how the summer festival in Japan is!
I'm sure it will be a good memory for you :)


Business hour for summer 2013.

Let me tell you the business hour of Canal plaza for summer!

Summer Time Business Hour
Term...12nd July - 31st August
Business hour...9:00 am - 7:00 pm
(International information center)

Please make sure of it :)
I'm looking forward to seeing you here in Otaru!


Japanese wind-bells FUURIN

Hello :)

What is the feature of summer in your country?
Here in Japan, we have some of them such as...

Fuurin is a wind-bell, and Japanese people have been loving the sound of it for a long time.
We can feel the coolness by the sound in hot summer!

Because we'll have a big summer festival named "Ushio-matsuri" in Otaru, we sell the original fuurins in a limited quantity at canal plaza.

The original fuurin is chosen according to ballot.
This year, fuurin which is made in STUDIO J-45 was chosen and release now.