The first day of Ushio festival.

Hi there :)

We finished the first day of Ushio festival yesterday, and it was succeed!
Because it was rain in yesterday morning, we were worried that the fireworks could be shoot off or not, but we could watch beautiful one at last!

There are many food strolls in front of canal plaza such as Otaru Ankake Yakisoba.
I ate it as my dinner and it was the first time for me to eat it!
It was so nice...I'd love to eat it today, too! :) haha

And kind of dancing parade named Furekomi was held yesterday along the Chuo dori street.
I could not see people dancing unfortunately, but I saw a great drum show of kids!

They were playing the drums in a track.

This is the track they were playing the drums in.
The kids were soooooooo cute! It was so nice to see them!

At night, the fireworks started at 8pm.
I could not take pictures well, but I hope this picture can tell you that Bun(the dog) also enjoyed the festival yesterday.

We're still having Ushio festival until tomorrow.
Come to enjoy the festival together! :)

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