Otaru Aquarium from spring

  Hello everyone! Spring is coming!!!!!!
  As a people living in Hokkaido, I am so exciting for the coming of spring because winter in Hokkaido is very cold for the heavy snow.Would you like to enjoy short spring period with us in Otaru ?
 ★Today I want to share with you some information about Otaru Aquarium from spring of this year.


 Please check the show-time schedule to have a look to lovely dolphins.

  In the Otaru Aquarium, not only the show of dolphin, you are also able to enjoy "Marine mammal park","Northern fish" and so on. 
  The snow has melted, let us start our trip to Otaru !!!


Former Bank Building in Otaru

  How are you,my Dear?

  How many times have you come to Otaru ? What kind of scenery do you like best ?
I am often asked about  buildings of bank in Otaru, so I want to share some knowledge about former banks in Otaru with you.

Former Yasuda Bank 
    The leader of a financial group named Yasuda founded this bank in 1880. It is a restaurant of Japanese seafood Sushi named Hanagokoro.

Former Mitsubishi Bank 
    It was built for the Mitsubishi Bank in 1922, and then changed to Otaru Canal Terminal on July 19th,2006.

Former Dai-Ichi Bank
  It is located in the Northern Wall Street where there were many banks old days. It is a office of fashion factory.

Former Takushoku Bank
    It is built in 1923.Now it has been changed to a hotel of Vibrant Otaru which is popular of the convenience for going sightseeing around canal. 

Former Chuetsu Bank 
    This was a bank built in 1924 and is used for a cafe shop now.

Former Bank of Japan
    The building of Bank of Japan Otaru Museum was built in 1912 and has been opened for public in 2003.

Former Hokkaido Bank
    The Former Hokkaido Bank was built in 1912 unrelated to existing Hokkaido Bank, and has been changed to the restaurant named Otaru Bain.

    As you know, Otaru is famous of canal and seafood, and would you also like to know the history of it ? Please come here and see the nice buildings together !

   Waiting for your coming.


Japanese Cultural Events in March

  Hello everyone!

  Have you enjoyed your trip to see the Hinameguri which is the traditional festival for girls.
Yesterday was the last day for events of Hinameguri.  I have seen a lot of interesting events.

Japanese Tea 

 Cards Competition by Japanese Poem"Waka"

Flute Performance

  Spring in Otaru is a little later, but we are able to enjoy more and more joys as snow have melted.
Please come to Otaru to have a nice trip for your spring of 2015.

  We are waiting for you in Canal Plaza.


Japanese "Hinameguri" Festival in 2015

Welcome to Otaru! It is going to be warmer and warmer in Otaru. Would you want to experience the Japanese Festival for your trip? 

Do you know what are these dolls? They are named of “Hina” which are displayed in Otaru Canal Plaza, Otaru Station and so on. As you know, Japanese"Girl´s Day" is Mar 3rd in every year. 

If you come to Otaru, please have a look and enjoy your trip by Japanese Festival.