Warm day today☆

Hi, how are ya?? I don't need jacket today coz...

Umm...sorry, this picture is not clear...but 9 degrees!!!

The snow starts melting.

Watery ground

If you come to Otaru, boots might be better to put on...


Memories of Otaru Snow Light Path

Hello, it's been a long time...How are you? I'm soooo sorry, I haven't posted so long time... We had a event named "Otaru Snow Light Path" (Otaru Yukiakari no Michi) from 4th to 13th of February. I've made really lots of memories at this event and I've got many beautiful pictures. I'll show you some of them today.

After passing through the gate at JR Otaru station, some floating glass candles had been waited for three of us :)

Me(left), Ms.Yoshida(middle) and Ms. Kasahara(right).

Thank you for taking this photo Mr.Onodera :)

We saw many snow statues at this event.

I got these photo at the top of Mt. Tengu.

Tengu means "Japanese long-nosed goblin" in Japanese.

Tengu might live at Mt. Tengu...

A big Tengu's snow statue! A little bit scary...:(

Lots of light at Mt. Tengu.

Night view from the Mt. Tengu

This view is the one of three biggest views in Hokkaido!

On the other day, we visited Asarigawa onsen area. (Otaru's hotspring area.)

This area had romantic mood with snow candles and so many tourists enjoyed taking pictures.

Wow!! We found a FOX!!

He looks he is waitng for food from tourists in front of the cafe. We had a talk with the master of the cafe at Asarigawa hotspring area. He said this fox lives around this cafe, so if you come to this cafe, you might see him. I joined this event as a volunteer staff as well. I sold message candles and wax balls.

With my friend "Tomo-chan". (right)

She also joined as a volunteer staff with me.

She is holding message candles and I'm holding wax ball in this photo.

Scene of volunteers.

We said loudly "Welcome to Otaru snow light path!! We have official goods!! Would you like handmade wax ball!! We're selling message candles for 100 JPY each!!" .

I got sore throat... :-O

After volunteer activity, I enjoyed bowl of rice topped with sashimi with Tomo-chan.

Ummm...Yummy!! I was satisfied!!

I apologize for not posting in real time.

We look forward to seeing you at this event next year!!