After snowfall...

Snowy days recently in Otaru.

One of our important works is...

removing the snow from the floating glass tree.

(He is our staff, Mr. Miura.)

He removes the snow using a special tool.

(It is normal broom just tied with a pole :))

Usually he seems to do it around 2pm.

He said "After the heavy snow, I clear the snow around this tree as well!"

He's funny :)

When you come to Otaru, please make sure it and if you'd like to try removing the snow, he might show you how to do it

Floating Glass Ball Tree

Hello, how are ya?

Now, we have a special event, "Otaru Long Xmas" until Christmas day. (too long ? :-P)

During this event every night, a beautiful glass tree is turned on (4pm-12pm) in front of Canal Plaza.

It was made from about 300 floating glass balls.

Actually, these glass balls are used for the another event, named "Otaru Snow Light Path".

Do you know how they are used?

We put candles into the glass balls and float them on the surface of canal.

These glass balls are really loved by many people.

Have fun this pretty glass ball tree!!


First Snowfall

The first snow of this season came last night.

When I walked from JR Otaru station to our company, I saw beautiful rail way with snow this morning.

Otaru will be in romantic Christmas atmosphere gradually.


Romantic Event from Tomorrow!!

Special winter event "OTARU LONG XMAS" is held. (Nov.11th~Dec.25th)

This event has many kinds of plans.

I will introduce the details of them today.

Message Tree

-Nov.11th~Dec.25th @ Canal Plaza & Mt.Tengu-

A huge Christmas tree, 4 meters in height, is placed in Canal Plaza & Mt.Tengu.

We sell small Christmas tree for 500 yen.

After your wiring on message card, hang it on the small Christmas tree and put on the huge

Christmas tree.

You might get your wish.

Glass Arts Exhibition

-Nov.11th~Dec.25th @ Canal Plaza-

Ten Otaru's local glass studios exhibit their beautiful glass works.

Floating Glass Tree

-Nov.11th~Dec.25th @ Canal Plaza-

About 300 floating glasses become a huge tree!

I will post the picture of the tree later on.

Please have a look it!

The 3rd Sakaimachi Street Cream Puff Fair

-Dec.3rd~11th @ Sakaimachi Street-

Four cake shops on Sakaimachi street (Amato canal branch, Gin no Kane and LeTAO) provide special cream puff during this term.

Romantic Stamp Rally(Game of collecting stamps)


Let's collect stamps at each shops, restaurants, hotels and so on in Otaru, and get wonderful presents!

The 1st Sakaimachi Street Sushi Roll Fair


Five sushi restaurants (Otaru Tatsumizushi Hanazono branch & Sakaimachi branch, Fujizushi Otaru branch, Kitanoryoba Otaru canal branch and Sushi Saikou) provide special sushi roll menus.

Others, lots of facilities in Otaru provide unique and limited original menus during this event. I'm going to post them little by little frequently.

Please don't miss them!!:)


Go for it! (Otaru Long X'mas)

Lots of leaflets started out from Otaru to across Hokkaido today! The leaflet is ... ↓↓ The winter event named "Otaru Long Christmas" is held on November 11 to December 25 in Otaru. Otaru city will be pretty romantic during this event. I hope these leaflets do public relations for this event very well :) Gor for it!! I'll post about the details of this event later...C ya!


...how heavy it is!

He is holding a unique ornament, looks soooo heavy! However, actually...!!?? It is really light enough for us to carry by one finger :) These ornaments are made from woods and we can see them at Hotel VIBRANT OTARU. This hotel stands on "Northern Wall Street", built in 1923. This building was used as a bank in the old days and designated as one of Otaru's historic buildings in 1991. It received "Otaru Townscape Award" in 1996 as well. Otaru's historic buildings have purple explanation boards in front of themselves like this. Would you like to feel old atmosphere at Northern Wall Street??


Otaru Townscape Award (Otaru Summer Festival)

Hello, how are you? Yesterday, one of my Otaru friends told me that there is a beautiful monument near tourist information center in Asakusa bridge. He said, "That monument shines iridencently! You don't know?". I couldn't believe him first, but I went to the place he told me immediately. I found it! Surely there was a unique form monument having a shining part. It's located only 3 minutes walk from our tourist information, in front of Hotel VIBRANT OTARU. The thing is ...↓ I asked Ms.Takato (Tourist information staff) about the detail. Otaru city confers "Otaru Townscape Award" on scenic points, buildings and so on. This monument is one of them, "Otaru Summer Festival" received it in 1990. Lots of facilities received this award have memorial green plate same as above picture. When you stroll in Otaru city, it might be interesting to look for these plates with your strolling:)