2013 Spring information!!

 For visitors to Otaru in Spring 

It's already time of the melting snow, but we still have some here.

  For spring, visitors who are preparing for travel to Otaru,
  please refer to the these information.
  We're looking forward to seeing you soon :-)

 JR Otaru Station 

 <Ski Area Information>   

 ・Otaru Tenguyama Ski Area (☎0134-33-7381)
     open until 2013 March 24 (Sunday)

 ・Asarigawa Onsen Ski Area (☎0134-54-0101)
     open until 2013 March 31 (Sunday)

 ・Snow Cruise Onze (☎0134-62-2228)
     open until 2013 March 31 (Sunday)

 ・Kiroro Snow World (☎0135-34-7111)
      open until 2013 May 6 (Monday)   

 <Bus>  ・Chuo Bus Otaru ekimae Terminal(☎ 0134-25-3333)
   The winter course of Otaru stroller's bus will be closed on 2013 April 1 (Monday).
   The summer course will be started from 2013 April 1 (Monday), but the detail information is undecided.

 <Ropeway>  ・Otaru Tenguyama Ropeway(☎0134-33-7381) 
  Winter time business will be opened until 2013 March 31 (Sunday).
   The ropeway has maintenance term from 2013 April 1 (Monday) to 12 (Friday).
  Summer time business will start on 2013 April 13 (Saturday) to November 4 (Monday).



The Carving Exhibition until tomorrow!

     "The Carving Exhibition"
is held at Otaru city museum until March 17th (Sun) !!

World of wooden birds & dolls

Gallery is filled with carving works

Some parts of "Characters"
Left: James Brown
Right: Sax Player (like Lou Donaldson)

Left: Eishin Nose (Jazz pianist from Otaru)
Right: Yuji Mizuhara (Rickshaw driver of Ebisuya)

other 15 characters are displayed. 

Some parts of "Animals"
Left: Koro (cat lives in Otaru)
Right: Jack (Labrador retriever)

Some parts of "Wild birds"
Left: Sparrow (at garden with lingering snow in early spring)
Right: Great tit (familiar bird, appear at balcony in Otaru) 

Left: Great spotted woodpecker 
         (can be seen at neighbor mountain & parks)
Right: Bulbul (pretty bird when viewed at close range)

other 12 wild birds are displayed.

Otaru city museum
Access: 10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.
Business hours: 9am ~ 5pm (~4pm on Mar. 17)
Website: http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~otarubij/