Saunter in Spring #9 ~Temiya Park~

The day of our strolling was the middle of May.

The best season of Sakura (Cherry blossoms) in Otaru is from the begging to the middle of May.

Now, "Tengu Zakura" (located on the mountaintop of Mt.Tengu) is at its best.

This cherry tree looks like a heart in shape.

I'll show you some Sakura's pictures.

Saunter in Spring #8~Rinyu morning market~

At the end of the Otaru canal, there is a seafood market, named "Rinyu Morning Market".

This is the earliest market in Otaru, opened at 4 am and it has restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood.

We decided to have lunch here.

I ordered a grilled fish meal. (Bawl of rice topped with raw fishes, Sashimi, boiled and seasoned meal and so on.)

If you stroll North canal area, would you like having a lunch at seafood market?


Saunter in Spring #7 ~Canal park~

In front of North canal area, there is a park named "Unga kouen" (means Canal park).

About 20 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.

Local people enjoy spending their time as they please here.

The building on the back of a fountain is "Former Otaru Branch of Nihon Yusen".

This is one of Otaru's historical structures.

If you visit here, specialists of Otaru will guide you with interesting stories.

This retro bus is a tour bus in Otaru.

Everyday, it departs in front of JR Otaru station at 9:30am and goes around many sightseeing spots with a guide in retro costumes. Adult: 3,000 JPY, Child: 1,900 JPY.

Required time of this tour is 3 hours and half. Please make a reservation by the day before.

If you would like to join this tour and don't know how to reserve, please visit tourist information:) 

We will help you!!


Saunter in Spring #6 ~Bench~

Bench and Ms.Yoshida with smile

Please look at this bench carefully...
The legs of this bench are made from anchors:)
Otaru is famous for a port town, and it has many parks, in which you will find this bench at every point.


Saunter in Spring #5 ~Ciao!~

When I walked with Ms.Yoshida around North canal area, I found a cute painting.

!! Dolphin is standing and saying "ciao":)

It's cute, isn't it?

I had never seen this ship before, it was like a sightseeing cruise.


Saunter in Spring #4~North canal area~

It takes about 15 minutes from Canal plaza to North canal area.

Lots of ships are moor at this area.

A seagull was taking a rest on the gas lamp.

This is North canal area as it was and my recommended spot to take pictures.

Some tourist information sell postcards of North canal views.

I want you to enjoy atmospheres of old Otaru in North canal area.

Saunter in Spring #3 ~Ryugu Bridge~

This is "Ryugu Bridge" which is built over the Otaru canal.
Looked down the canal from the bridge...

:-O!!! Lots of kelp!!! and our shadows:)

I found dandelion at our feet on the bridge.

Ms.Yoshida tried to take pictures of a duck.

When you come to Otaru, you'll find new things on the bridge too.


Saunter in Spring #2~Nidan Park~

I took this picture riding on a swing :)

Saunter in Spring #1~Mangiare!~

Hello, how are you?? :) I took a walk with Ms.Yoshida (my second Mom:-P) yesterday, so I'll show you some pictures today. We started our strolling from Canal plaza. (10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.)

On the back of Canal plaza, there's a vivid colored restaurant named "Mangiare Takinami". In which, you can enjoy Mediterranean food lunch and which has a big lovely cherry tree in front of itself.

Beautiful, isn't it???

Can't help taking pictures!!


Nice to meet you Sakura!

Finally, three sisters came!

This tree has only three Sakura now but, we found

some buds again, so we are looking forward to seeing new babies.


How's Sakura? #5

Leaves are growing in a slow pace...

Buds seem to be heavy heads.