Mini Concert on 25th 26th, Dec

Hello everyone! 
  I am sorry to keep you waiting. The schedule of 25th and 26th is as below.

25th(Fri~26th(Sat Dec, 2015 【Performing Time19001930

               【VenueCanal Plaza  in front of the Glass Tower   Free

                             25th(Fri)Kinta(Megumu×Nobu 19001930

  Vocal Megumu Matsuhashi (Otaru)

  Guitar Nobumasa Yamaguchi Eniwa

  They will perform StandardWestern MusicJapanese Music for you. Sometimes you also can hear hand bell by guitar Nobu's arrangement. (^.^)
  Please enjoy this Christmas Vision joyfully and seriously.
        26th(Sat)put a soul feat. Keita Honma and Masahito Nakata  19001930

   A chorus group is made of 4 people singing sweet western music and gospel and so on. They formed in July, 2012 and then perform events and live concerts everywhere in Otaru. Please enjoy this chorus work of 4 people's voices. You can enjoy solemn time to listen to music from pianist Keita Honma and percussionist Masahito Nakata today.

   Waiting for your coming.


Mini Concert on 22nd,23rd,24th Dec

Hello everyone! 
 Would you want to spend your Christmas in Otaru this year ? The mini concerts will be held  in Canal Plaza free from 22nd to 26th, Dec every night.

22ndTue~26th(Sat Dec, 2015 【Performing Time19001930

VenueCanal Plaza  in front of the Glass Tower   Free

                        22nd(Tue)23rd(Wed)Ishiya  Yoshiaki  19001930

              21st Dec,1981 born in Otaru Hokkaido
 Make popular songs be handed down to posterity
He started to interweave falsetto at 19 years.The street art begins by special voice. He spread his musical events in Otaru in order to Make popular songs be handed down to posterity . His repertoire is included of children's song, popular songs before and after the war, foreign popular songs and so on. He is singing his original songs at memorial ceremony, aged institution, Party and on the street in weekend.

          24th(Thu)Maiko Takahashi&Fukiko Asahara 19001930

 Person in charge of piano for instrumental duo " my&Jennie "
She has her solo and is singing the song for Otaru Ungapa who is a mascot in Otaru.
She also performs on " m×mf Music is prescription" as a personality on every Monday 20:0021:00.
 At New Year's Eve in 2015, she will perform together with Symphony Orchestra Sapporo at Silvester Concert in Kitara.

 She is a soprano singer born in Otaru. She took part in "Japan&America Concert" as a singer and director in June, 2014.Many times she has been to America to join "GospelMusicWorkshopObjectAmericaGMWA" hold every year. She is also working as a teacher for " Sea of Grace " in Otaru Culture Center. Not only musical events, she also holds a lot of other events.

    Waiting for your coming.


Mini Concert on 18th,19th Dec

Hello everyone! 
 Have you seen the concert last week? The mini concerts are also held  in Canal Plaza free
this weekend.

18thFri 19thSat Dec, 2015 【Performing Time19001930
VenueCanal Plaza  in front of the Glass Tower   Free

18thFriRag Craft 19001930

  Duo is made of Masaki Baba's guitar and Chihiro Shinseki's vocal in 2009.
  They performed mainly of ragtime Blues in 192030.
Please enjoy this new “Blues” world of warm acoustic guitar and clear voice.
They appear on the stage of Live House in Otaru and Sapporo, but their regular works are Glass Artists.

                              19thSat) Yoshinori Okuno 19001930
  11th Feb, 1962 born in Otaru and living here now
 He started musical events by SAX in Hirosaki University and then went to Tokyo. As a whitecollar worker, he also acted as a semipro jazz musician.  After appearing on the largest jazz event “Jazz Promenade in Yokohama”, he resigned and to be a professional musician. He also plays together with top musician. There are many co-stars outside Hokkaido. The ability of “Okuno in Hokkaido” has showed off. At times excitingly, at times delicately, the style of music is free. He is skilled in jazz and ad lib. The third album “Akai Tsuki” includes all of original songs. He is rated high of a high-level artist.
 HP http://sax-okuno.jimdo.com/

   Waiting for your coming.


Mini Concert on 11th,12th Dec

Hello everyone! 
 Have you seen the concert last week? The mini concerts are also held  in Canal Plaza free
this weekend.

 11thFri 12thSat Dec, 2015 【Performing Time19001930
VenueCanal Plaza  in front of the Glass Tower   Free

11thFriJUN 19001930

 She started musical action when the album “JUNE” was released on 1st Mar, 2011.
She had released 3 CD singles and 3 albums before that. “Melody” of release received an award named “listener” at the second nonprofessional battle and has been elected as the CM song of “Sapporo Smile” in Sep, 2015. “FREESIA” of the release got a high evaluation because the famous “HANANINGEN” was decorated by a jacket on Facebook and TV in Apr, 2015. She got a big success in “birthday one-man” LIVE at SAPPORO PENNY LANE 24 on 23rd June, 2015 and release mini-album “25-twenty five” the same day. She was elected as a Hokkaido finalist at the contest “HOTLINE 2015” held by Shimamura musical instrument store all over the country.

 The group is consisted of 2 persons. 1 person is for guitar and the other one is for vocal & guitar.

                                12thSat) Kimitoshi Saijyo 19001930

  He was born in Otaru.
  After retiring a real estate company in 2009, he started his activities as a singer and songwriter. His first single song “Song for” is distributed by i Tunes, RecoChoku Co, Ltd. and so on 30 companies.
 After the LIVE for events and restaurants in Tokyo and radio personality on Kawazaki FM, he removed to Hokkaido and is coming into play locally now. The album “and more” is sold on TOWER RECORDS, Amazon and other CD stores all over the country. (Please search “Kimitoshi Saijyo”)

    Waiting for your coming.


Mini Concert on 4th,5th Dec

 Hello everyone! 
 Have you seen the concert last month? The mini concerts are also held  in Canal Plaza free
this month.

 4thFri 5thSat Dec, 2015 【Performing Time19001930
VenueCanal Plaza  in front of the Glass Tower   Free

4thFriCead Facht 19001930

Cead Facht
  He came from Kushiro and is living in Yoichi. He began to play Irish musical instrument named whistle in his own way in 2005 and then started musical composition and concert in 2007. Not only his own concert, he also plays together with reading drama or dancers and collaborates with other instruments around Sappro and Otaru.

                                    5thSatCead Facht 19001930

Cappella Chorus Group “Tsumugi”

  A group of 6 persons is active in Sappro. They arrange cappella music focus on hit songs and CM music by themselves. Please enjoy warm music just by voice.

    Waiting for your coming.