Final day today!

Finally, today is the final day of "Otaru Ushio Festival".
Everyday is good weather, (is it too hot?) and this morning, I saw beautiful clouds and sky, so I took a picture automatically.
Fireworks display will be held today, from 8pm.
Gonna be all right thanks to this weather...

Beer Garden & Live Music!!

Hello, how are you??
Now, we are having a big summer event "Otaru Ushio Festival".
For three days, lots of shows, dance & music concerts are held on main stage.
Our tourist information Canal Plaza too.
During the event, many people is having good time at the courtyard.
Some stands appear here, such as Ankake Yakisoba (one of Otaru's popular food, fried noodle with starchy sauce), Yakitori, Beer and so on.
And also special small stage was placed here, and yesterday, many good old and popular songs were played, I saw people who enjoying live music and dancing. 

Some bands will join this stage today as well, would you like this open-air music concert??


Doggie is ready for Ushio festival?

Hi, how are you?Everyone in Otaru is looking forward to Otaru Ushio Festival.

There is a doggie statue in front of Canal Plaza (our information center).
He was a brave dog because he helped firefighting when the fire breaks out in Otaru.
He was really treated kindly by not only firemen but also every local people in Otaru.
Still now, his statue has been treated very well.

Towards the Ushio Festival, he was dressed up in Japanese festival style by our tourist information staff.
On his back,  there is a big letter "祭". It means festival in Japanese. Cool isn't it???


Be united for Ushio Festival!!

Toward the Otaru Ushio Festival, We've been working as one!!
dressing in matching T-shirts :)
Recently, we can see lots of people in Otaru who wears same T-shirts saying "潮"(Ushio). ※Ushio means "tide" in Japanese.
Our staffs are in the T-shirts too.

Please feel free to ask about Ushio Festival!! 


Glass Market

This is the other information during a big summer event "Otaru Ushio Festival".
From July 27 to 29, "The 4th Otaru Glass Market" will be held.
Otaru has old railway, named "Former Temiya Railway".
If you come to Otaru by JR train, you will find it soon after 5 minutes walk to the canal. This railway had a lively time when Otaru prospered as a trading port. And still now, it's left and has walkway along itself.
Honestly speaking, there is nothing special, just there are old railway, walkway, trees and benches, but I like the quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
At the place, beautiful glass market appears.
Surprisingly, real kiln for glass making will be placed here, and visitors can try making glass themselves.
Please have a look when you come to Otaru during "Ushio Festival".


Enjoy Beer!! At the courtyard!!

Hi! This is delightful news for people who love beer!!I've introduced about the big summer event, "Otaru Ushio Festival" before.
And then, at the same period, special place to enjoy beer will appear at Canal Plaza!
This is an ordinary scene of courtyard of Canal Plaza↓↓

This is a popular spot for photo shooting but from July 27 to 29, this courtyard could be more popular place for visitors. Because it'll be a "Beer Garden"!!
Actually I've never seen this place as a beer garden, so I look forward to seeing it. Unfortunately, I can not drink because I'll attend work everyday during the festival, so I'm gonna enjoy to talk with many visitors who love beer like me.
The details are as follows...

Date... July 27 ~ 29
Time... 15:00 ~ 21:00
Place... Courtyard of Canal Plaza
Access... 10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station

Our International Information Center is in the Canal Plaza.
We look forward to seeing you!!


Big summer event information!!

Hello, how are you?
Today, I'm going to introduce about the Otaru's biggest summer event,
"Otaru Ushio Festival"(おたる潮まつり).
Every year, for 3 days of last weekend of July, this event is held.
This is the information about "Otaru Ushio Festival 2012".

The 46th Otaru Ushio Festival

July 27 (Fri)   Street Stands 15:00 ~ 22:00  
15:00~ Karaoke singing competition
17:20~ Karaoke singing competition 1 (Songs of Yujiro Ishihara)
18:00~ Japanese dance parade "Ushio Hurekomi"
19:30~ Opening ceremony
20:00~ Fireworks display
20:40~ Karaoke singing competition 2 (Songs of Yujiro Ishihara)

July 28 (Sat)   Street stands 10:00 ~ 22:30  
10:00~ Shows of finger language, singing and dancing
13:00~ Japanese dance parade
13:30~ Competition of Japanese dance parade "Ushio Nerikomi"
21:00~ Gospel music concert
21:40~ Japanese drums performance

July 29 (Sun)   Street stands 10:00 ~ 22:00  
9:00~ Regatta (Chikkou Bay area)
11:00~ Hero shows for kids
12:00~ Japanese drums concert
13:00~ Hero shows for kids
14:00~ Yosakoi dancing show
15:45~ Departing ceremony for Japanese dance parade "Ushio Watari"
16:00~ Japanese dance parade "Ushio Watari"
17:00~ Mikoshi portable shrine parade
18:10~ Karaoke singing competition final match (Songs of Yujiro Ishihara)
20:00~ Fireworks display
21:00~ Closing ceremony

In addition, other special events and booths will appear at the same period.
Let me introduce them at next post:) C ya


Official Goods of Otaru Ushio Festival 2012

Annual popular goods can be purchased at Canal Plaza.
It is...

"Otaru Ushio Wind-bell"

Every year, only one glass wind-bell is chosen as an official good of Otaru Ushio Festival. (This year, Otaru ushio festival is held on July 27 ~ 29! I'll introduce about this festival in detail at next post. Let me introduce about wind-bell this time:-P)
Some glass artists in otaru, enter the competition and this year, this beautiful blue wind-bell won a prize.

Title  "Otaru Ushio no Yoi" (おたる潮の宵) 
Price  1,500yen    
Name of Artist  Shinseki Chihiro (新関 千裕さん)
Name of studio  Studio J-45

Actually, this wind-bell is sold only at Canal Plaza (International Information Center), and limited 300 bells!

Please don't miss it!!