Enjoy Beer!! At the courtyard!!

Hi! This is delightful news for people who love beer!!I've introduced about the big summer event, "Otaru Ushio Festival" before.
And then, at the same period, special place to enjoy beer will appear at Canal Plaza!
This is an ordinary scene of courtyard of Canal Plaza↓↓

This is a popular spot for photo shooting but from July 27 to 29, this courtyard could be more popular place for visitors. Because it'll be a "Beer Garden"!!
Actually I've never seen this place as a beer garden, so I look forward to seeing it. Unfortunately, I can not drink because I'll attend work everyday during the festival, so I'm gonna enjoy to talk with many visitors who love beer like me.
The details are as follows...

Date... July 27 ~ 29
Time... 15:00 ~ 21:00
Place... Courtyard of Canal Plaza
Access... 10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station

Our International Information Center is in the Canal Plaza.
We look forward to seeing you!!

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