Big summer event information!!

Hello, how are you?
Today, I'm going to introduce about the Otaru's biggest summer event,
"Otaru Ushio Festival"(おたる潮まつり).
Every year, for 3 days of last weekend of July, this event is held.
This is the information about "Otaru Ushio Festival 2012".

The 46th Otaru Ushio Festival

July 27 (Fri)   Street Stands 15:00 ~ 22:00  
15:00~ Karaoke singing competition
17:20~ Karaoke singing competition 1 (Songs of Yujiro Ishihara)
18:00~ Japanese dance parade "Ushio Hurekomi"
19:30~ Opening ceremony
20:00~ Fireworks display
20:40~ Karaoke singing competition 2 (Songs of Yujiro Ishihara)

July 28 (Sat)   Street stands 10:00 ~ 22:30  
10:00~ Shows of finger language, singing and dancing
13:00~ Japanese dance parade
13:30~ Competition of Japanese dance parade "Ushio Nerikomi"
21:00~ Gospel music concert
21:40~ Japanese drums performance

July 29 (Sun)   Street stands 10:00 ~ 22:00  
9:00~ Regatta (Chikkou Bay area)
11:00~ Hero shows for kids
12:00~ Japanese drums concert
13:00~ Hero shows for kids
14:00~ Yosakoi dancing show
15:45~ Departing ceremony for Japanese dance parade "Ushio Watari"
16:00~ Japanese dance parade "Ushio Watari"
17:00~ Mikoshi portable shrine parade
18:10~ Karaoke singing competition final match (Songs of Yujiro Ishihara)
20:00~ Fireworks display
21:00~ Closing ceremony

In addition, other special events and booths will appear at the same period.
Let me introduce them at next post:) C ya

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