Let's go swimming!!

This is Beach opening information in Otaru.

Otaru Dream Beach … June 25th ~ August 31st

Sunset Beach Zenibako … July 1st ~ August 31st

Zenibako Beach … July 2nd ~ August 31st

Ranshima Beach … July 8th ~ August 21st

Sunriver Beach … July 8th ~ August 21st

Asari Beach … July 9th ~ August 21st

Higashi-Otaru Beach … July 9th ~ August 21st

Every beach is located on walkable distance from each JR train station.

Asari beach is the easiest place to go, cause it's located only 5 minutes walk from JR Asari station.

Zenibako beach is one of popular spots for surfing, in winter as well.

We have convenient access guide for swimming at Otaru beach.

Please visit us!!


Fishing @ Northern breakwater

Otaru has many good place for fishing.

I went to "Northern breakwater" yesterday with my friend.

Northern breakwater is located 30 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.

We enjoyed fishing in the morning time and have conversation with friendly local people.

We're beginners so, they taught us how to bait, throw and so on.

There were lots of people who were enjoying fishing too but everyone looked that they didn't get anything.

We couldn't get fishes at all too :

We're sure to get big fishes next time!!!

The 3rd Otaru Glass Market

Lots of parts of Japan's Glass studios, mainly Otaru's local glass studios gather "Glass town Otaru".

You can enjoy exhibition of hand-picked glass works, sale and glass making experience.

Many kinds of glass products such as glass and plates will be sold along "Former Temiya Railway" which is the oldest railway in Hokkaido and located 5 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.

This glass market will be held at the same period as the summer biggest festival, "Ushio Festival".

29 ~31/July/2011

We would like you to enjoy them :)


Green, Green and Green

At Canal plaza...

A lot of green...

Green, Green and Green

Courtyard too.

Summer came in Otaru with full of Green.

Would you like enjoy nature in Otaru ??


Japanese Northern Flower "Hamanasu"


Ms. Matsuhashi told me that beautiful flowers are in full bloom now.

The name of the flower is "Hamanasu" in Japanese and "Rugosa rose" in English.

You can see "Hamanasu" at only northern area in Japan.

Especially Hokkaido is famous region for "Hamanasu".

It's best season of "Hamanasu" now.

There are Hamanasu trees between Sankaku market and JR Otaru station.

It's lovely, isn't it??

In addition, we sell Hokkaido's commemorative stamps and printed "Hamanasu" one too.

Would you like to enjoy Japanese flower and send postcard???


Summer Fireworks Information in Otaru

Otaru has many kinds of events and festivals.

Annual fireworks displays too.

I'll let you know the schedules for Otaru fireworks.

Otaru Ushio Festival Fireworks

When: July 31th

Time: 8 pm~

Shooting place: Ironai pier

Best place to see: Pier No.3

Pier No.3 is located 15 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.

It'll be soooo crowded so, I recommend to see at Otaru canal area.

Wing Bay Fireworks

When: 3 days!!! July 16th, 23rd and August 6th (If it's rainy, it'll be postpone to the next day.)

Time: 8 pm~

Shooting place: Port in front of the Wing Bay shopping mall

The closest station from Wing Bay is JR Otaru Chikko station.

This station is directly connected with the shopping mall, "Wing Bay Otaru".

Have fun!! :)


Japanese traditional Snack

Hello, how are you? :)

I'll introduce my favorite snack shop today.

The name of the shop is "Arare Midoriya".

This shop is located only 5 minutes walk from JR otaru station.

The building of this shop looks it has old atmosphere.

It has many kinds of traditional snacks named "Arare" or "Okaki".

Both of them are rice cracker.

Especially, I like them...↓↓:)

They're cute, aren't they??

They look Japanese old dolls. Actually, they are rice crackers as well.

Parts of their heads are beans and bodies are long rice crackers.

Would you like them as souvenirs???


Unique Hairstyle :)

Hi! I'm working at Asakusa bridge today.

There are many rickshaw staffs of great individually here and guide cheerfully.

There is a outstanding staff with unique hairstyle!!

"With full of vigor from Otaru!!"

Haha. He's cool, isn't he? :)


New comer to our tourist information!!!

Hello, how are yous

Otaru is sun-blessed these days.

I'll introduce a new our tourist information staff today.

His name is Mr.Takahiro Eto.

He is a translator for Korean tourists.

I interviewed him about himself.

Q1. How old are you?

A. 22 years old.

Q2. Where are you from?

A. Sapporo

Q3. Do you have any memories of Otaru?

A. When I was a child, I enjoyed Sushi in Otaru.

Q4. Do you like Korea?

A. Yes, of course. I love Korea!

Q5. Which part of Otaru do you want to show to tourists from Korea?

A. Shooting places of "Love letter" because this movie is still quite popular for Korean people.

Q6. How's your impression of Otaru tourism association?

A. Everybody is kind. (He must say so... I laughed.)

Q7. How about Otaru?

A. I was surprised that there are many tourists, but almost they're students (school trip).

Q8. Please give your messages.

A. There are not so many tourists from foreign countries yet because of effect of the earthquake but I'd like to do my best to get together lots of tourists. I look forward to seeing Korean tourists especially.

Thank you, Mr.Eto.

I'm looking forward to seeing tourists from foreign countries too!!!


Please enjoy old atmosphere in Otaru

If you come to Otaru, you'll feel old atmosphere.

Because there are lots of old buildings built about 100 years ago.

The pay phone in Canal plaza has good old atmosphere too.

You'll find this kind of antique stuffs at many places in Otaru.

It's available as normal pay phone


Postman forgot to bring...

Hi! Yesterday, I found a interesting stuff in souvenir shop of Canal plaza.

The stuff is...↓↓

Do you know what this black thing is?

Actually, this is a old safe for business.

I have seen this kind of safe, but I didn't know that the Canal plaza have it.

This safe stands here...

I opened a heavy door...

Wow, still it has black door.

I opened again...

It has wooden box inside itself.

Nowadays, we don't use this safe.

In the old days, Canal plaza was a warehouse and after that, this building was used as post office.

Probably, post office staff left here and still it stands with us.

If you are familiar with safe, please let us know about it...

Plate on the front door of the safe

I raised a small plate, there's a keyhole!


Amazing Weather

Hello, how are you?

The weather was horrible yesterday.

The rain came down in buckets on the afternoon.

Dark sky at Canal Plaza...

But we have nice weather today!!

The temperature is 20 degrees :)


The biggest summer festival in Otaru


I got new leaflets yesterday.

"The 45th Otaru Ushio Festival".

It will be held on 29th to 31st of July.

Otaru becomes really crowded with a large number of people.

The parade of powerful portable shrine with lots of people who are in happi coat is a great spectacle.

Actually, everyone can join the parade of "Ushio Nerikomi".

"Ushio Nerikomi" is a dance parade, in which a lot of local men and women of all ages take part.

This parade will be held on 30th of July.

If your group consists of below 5 people, you'll be able to join it without prior application.

I would like you to enjoy "Otaru Ushio Festival"!!

I'll post about it again :)


Souvenir from a woman

Hi :)

Today, I'll tell you a grateful story.

I worked at Asakusa bridge tourist information a few days ago.

One woman visited us and asked about the way to go to Mt.Tengu.

She needed to take a bus but at the moment, she didn't have enough time to take a next bus from the closest bus stop.

I told her how to go to Mt.Tengu quickly and she rushed to the bus terminal.

She had to take the bus from the bus terminal but I thought she wasn't sure which bus stop she should get on from, because there's another bus stop in front the terminal.

So, I ran after her, but regrettably, she missed the bus and she decided to take a next bus which was one hour later.

I couldn't help her well, but a few hours later, she came back to out tourist information again!!

She said "I bought souvenirs to you guys :)"

She looked that she really enjoyed her staying at Mt.Tengu.

I was pleased about just her coming back.

That's why, I was more happy about her present.

I opened a paper bag which she gave me...

Pretty strap for mobile

Thank you so much, Mrs.

I treasure it:)★


Saunter in Spring #10~Raw caramel Dorayaki~

We saw a poster saying "どらやき生キャラメル" (Dorayaki with Raw caramel) so, we stopped at "Tanaka Sake brewry".

Dorayaki...Japanese-style confectionery. Small bean paste between Japanese-style pancakes.

"Tanaka Sake Brewry" is located 15 minutes walk from JR Otaru station and it's long-established sake brewry where you can sample and purchase local sake, local wine, bean tea, confectionery made from sake and so on.

We chose Dorayaki with raw caramel cream.

We really enjoyed it :)