Souvenir from a woman

Hi :)

Today, I'll tell you a grateful story.

I worked at Asakusa bridge tourist information a few days ago.

One woman visited us and asked about the way to go to Mt.Tengu.

She needed to take a bus but at the moment, she didn't have enough time to take a next bus from the closest bus stop.

I told her how to go to Mt.Tengu quickly and she rushed to the bus terminal.

She had to take the bus from the bus terminal but I thought she wasn't sure which bus stop she should get on from, because there's another bus stop in front the terminal.

So, I ran after her, but regrettably, she missed the bus and she decided to take a next bus which was one hour later.

I couldn't help her well, but a few hours later, she came back to out tourist information again!!

She said "I bought souvenirs to you guys :)"

She looked that she really enjoyed her staying at Mt.Tengu.

I was pleased about just her coming back.

That's why, I was more happy about her present.

I opened a paper bag which she gave me...

Pretty strap for mobile

Thank you so much, Mrs.

I treasure it:)★

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