The biggest summer festival in Otaru


I got new leaflets yesterday.

"The 45th Otaru Ushio Festival".

It will be held on 29th to 31st of July.

Otaru becomes really crowded with a large number of people.

The parade of powerful portable shrine with lots of people who are in happi coat is a great spectacle.

Actually, everyone can join the parade of "Ushio Nerikomi".

"Ushio Nerikomi" is a dance parade, in which a lot of local men and women of all ages take part.

This parade will be held on 30th of July.

If your group consists of below 5 people, you'll be able to join it without prior application.

I would like you to enjoy "Otaru Ushio Festival"!!

I'll post about it again :)

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