Postman forgot to bring...

Hi! Yesterday, I found a interesting stuff in souvenir shop of Canal plaza.

The stuff is...↓↓

Do you know what this black thing is?

Actually, this is a old safe for business.

I have seen this kind of safe, but I didn't know that the Canal plaza have it.

This safe stands here...

I opened a heavy door...

Wow, still it has black door.

I opened again...

It has wooden box inside itself.

Nowadays, we don't use this safe.

In the old days, Canal plaza was a warehouse and after that, this building was used as post office.

Probably, post office staff left here and still it stands with us.

If you are familiar with safe, please let us know about it...

Plate on the front door of the safe

I raised a small plate, there's a keyhole!

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