Blue Canal in 2015

 Hello everyone!
 Have you experienced the winter in Hokkaido? Is it very cold for you? But you can see a special view at Otaru Canal this year.

  Would you want to take some photos here? This blue illumination is lighted by 10,000 LED bulbs until 31st Jan, 2016.

  Please come to Otaru Canal and enjoy this romantic blue world with your friends or families.

  The famous Canal Cruise is also decorated by blue lights. 

  Have a nice trip in this winter! Come to Otaru to experience blue canal.


Mini Concert on 27,28 Nov

Hello everyone! 
Would you like concert? You can listen a mini concert in Canal Plaza free on this weekend.

27thFri 28thSat Nov, 2015 【Performing Time19001930
VenueCanal Plaza  in front of the Glass Tower   Free

27stFriShige 19001930

 He has started performance in Dec,2013.
 He sang in a BAR from 2014 and performed at Cross Road Concert.
 He is also acting widely as a music provider and so on.
 His songs are focus on love songs.

28thSat Riku Nakanishi 19001930

  He can sing to his own accompaniment with guitar or piano and acts as a singer-songwriter by performing duo or trio. He has a husky voice and falsetto like woman and plays special melodic line to make listeners go a trip around world.
  Waiting for your coming.


Night Walking Tour in Otaru

  Hello everyone!
  Have you known the history of Otaru? Would you want to go around Otaru to see old buildings?
  Please take part in the free Night Walking Tour.

 1. Period
   21st Nov,2015 (Sat) 30th Jan,2016 (Sat)
   Friday, Saturday and the day before festival of Japan, 23rd 24th Dec
  except for 2nd Jan(Sat)
 21st(Sat)·22nd(Sun)·27th(Fri)  ·28th (Sat) Nov
 4th(Fri)·5th (Sat)·11th (Fri)·12th (Sat)·18th (Fri)·19th (Sat)·22nd (Tue)26th (Sat) Dec
 8th (Fri)10(Sun), 15th (Fri)·16th (Sat)·22nd (Fri)·23rd (Sat)·29th  (Fri)·30th (Sat) Jan

2. Meeting Time                      18:20
3. Departure Time                   18:30
4. Expected Returning Time   19:30
5. Meeting and Returning Location    Canal Plaza “International Information Center”
6. Charge   Free
7. Number of People   the first 10 comers every time (Reservation is required.)
                      15 persons for group at the maximum.

 Please feel free to contact with us. 


Three Major Night Views of HOKKAIDO

   Welcome to HOKKAIDO!!!!
   Would you know the Three Major Night Views of HOKKAIDO ? They are night views of  OTARU Tengu Mountain, SAPPORO Moiwa Mountain and HAKODATE Mountain. Have you been to these spots? 

  Night View from OTARU Tengu Mountain.

  The night view is main of residential street because there are just about 120,000 people in Otaru, but it can give you a so quiet environment to enjoy special view in Otaru. 
  Night View from SAPPORO Moiwa Mountain 

  It looks similar with Otaru but  different. Night view from SAPPORO Moiwa Mountain is focus on skyscrapers but residential buildings are the main in Otaru.

  Night View from HAKODATE Mountain 

   HAKODATE Mountain is different from SAPPORO and OTARU  because of its shape. Does it look like the alphabet "X" ? 

 Would you want to enjoy the "Three Major Night Views of HOKKAIDO" by yourself ? By the way, it will snow heavily in winter in HOKKAIDO, if you can take some photos of snowy night view, please show them to us ? Waiting for your coming.


Otaru Canal Cruise Temporary Closure

   Hello everyone.
   Have you enjoyed your trip in Otaru ? I have an important news to tell you that the Canal Cruise will be closed temporarily because of the construction of Chuo Bridge on 5th Nov--20th Nov, 2015.

   I am so sorry troubling you. Please check this schedule.
Thank you !!! 


Otaru Department 2015

   Hello everyone.
   Have you gone to a lot of stores to buy some souvenirs for your friends ? Today you can buy a lot kinds of souvenirs at Otaru Department in Kyu Otaru Shoko Kaigisho(The Old Chamber of Commerce and Industry). 

  Many kinds of goods are sold there, but today is the last day. Please come here.

The Old Chamber of Commerce and Industry