Ushio Festival !! Part 2

I'll show you main stage of pier No.3. This is central stage. Many kinds of events will be held at there. Fireworks, cold beer, shaved ice... Everything is looks yummy... We display entered works of fan contest. Let's have a look!! Date & Time 23/7/2010.....15:00~21:00 24/7/2010.....10:00~2100 25/7/2010.....10:00~21:00 ※This photo is last year's. Let's make a beautiful memory at Ushio-festival!!!

Ushio Festival !! Part 1

The biggest Otaru's summer festival " Ushio-festival" will be held at 23(fri), 24(sat), 25(sun) / 7/2010 !!
This festival will be held as a appreciation for sea and wishing for prosper by Otaru citizen.
The main stage is in pier No.3. (central stage) 23(fri)~Karaoke performance, Friday nightclub, Fireworks
24(sat)~Yosakoi stage, Music concert,
25(sun)~Performance of japanese drums, Stage show, Fireworks
We're selling "Ushio-windbells" at Canal Plaza!!
"Ushio-windbell" 1,500yen (Limited 300 bells)
"Ushio-goldfish" 1,500yen (Limited 50 bells)
They are caravan party with Miss Otaru.
Let's dance "Dondoko zaboooon" together!! ♪♪♪


Ushio wind bell

The biggest summer festival in Otaru, "Ushio-Festival" will be held for 3days from 23rd (Fri) to 25th (Sun) of July.
We sell "Ushio-wind bell" as a limited commemorative goods at the Canal Plaza.
This wind bell is chosen from among 18 works of 14 studios.
The 5th Ushio wind bell "Otaru 『Ushio no Ne』" ...otaru the sound of tide
Produced by Mr. Masaki Baba
He represented comfortable sound of lapping wave.
Every wind bell has different sounds and expression.
1,500 yen limited to 300 bells.
In addition, we sell "Ushio kingyo"...wind bell looks to be gold fish.
This wind bell received a judge special prize. Limited to 50 bells.
Produced by Mr. Nobuhito Nakamori
This looks lovely gold fish as if swimming in the sky.
1,500 yen limited to 50 bells.
"Ushio wind bells" are commemorative goods. Both of them have lumitation. So, please don't miss this chance!!
This sale profit will be working funds of Ushio festival.
We sell at Canal Plaza Tourist Information center
Tel : (0134) 33-1661 ( Canal Plaza Tourist Information )
(0134) 33-2510 ( Otaru Tourism Assosiation )


The Bay Summer Fireworks !!

"The Bay Summer Firework" will be held this year again!!
Date : 17/7/10' (Sat)
Time : 20:00~20:30
※ If the weather is rough, first firework will be rained off to 19/7/10'.
Other fireworks will be held on next day. (Sunday)
Place : 4 Chikkou OtaruCity
  Have Fun !!!