He is not tourist :)

He is Shuna-chan.

He often comes to tourist information at Asakusa bridge for walking.

He always plays with tourists and turns on his charm in front of the tourist information.

His master said "Oh, you don't have to come in to the tourist information, you're not tourist!" :)


Today's Canal

Today's canal became a date spot for ducks.
They're swimming peacefully.
Last year, I saw parent's ducks and many their babies.
I look forward to seeing new babies:)


Date of sea gulls

Gas lamps are popular spots for sea gulls to take a rest.

There are many gas lamps along the canal.

Would you like to relax here??

Cheerful smiles

Hello, how are you?
I apologize that I haven't posted so long time.
I'll keep sending spirit from Otaru by this blog.
I'll show you some cheerful smiles today :)
They are staffs of rickshaw
She is Chiaki-chan :-)
The 2nd appearance on my blog!!
Thanks Chaki-chan
He is Yohei-san :-)
He looks shy...but actually NO!! :-P
He is funny and has lots of stories.
When you come to Otaru and find him, please talk to him★
He will give you interesting information


Postbox got a cap!

Hello, it begun to heavy snow in Otaru again! I worked at JR Otaru station's tourist information yesterday, many trains were affected by heavy snow and avalanche. When I went out from Otaru station, I found a cute thing...

She was standing on the left side at the entrance.

Now, JR Otaru station is in remodeling construction.

That's why, there are fences and walls around station for the construction.

This postbox looks like nestling against the fence:)

And please look at next picture well...

She looks like wearing a cap made from snow:) Is it warm or cold??:-P


The Doll's Festival

Do you know what day tomorrow in Japan??
Tomorrow will be "The doll's festival"!!
There are many Japanese dolls in Otaru now.
Because we are having a event named "Otaru Hina Meguri" (Tour dolls).
Lots of shops, restaurant museum...etc display Japanese dolls.
I'll give you information about "The doll's festival".
We call "The doll's festival" as "Hina-Matsuri" in Japanese.
The origin of "Hina-Marsuri" ascend to about 1,000 years ago.
Making dolls by Origami (the Japanese art of folding paper into attractive shapes.) was popular among peeress and children in those days and theu floated these dolls to hte waters making a wish for children's peace and health in the beginning of March.
This story triggered the birth of "Hina-Matsuri".
About 500~600 years ago, the date March 3rd has been established as "Hina-Matsuri" day and "Girl's Festival dolls" become common.
"Hina-Matsuri" was only in tokyo's custom about 400 years ago but 150 years ago, it spread to the whole country.
This event "Otaru Hina Meguri" in Otaru have stareted since 2008.
Local people in Otaru hope that we can tell our traditional culture and local lofe with "Hina-Matsuri".

In Canal Plaza