Otaru Kihinkan (The Old Aoyama Villa)

  It is generally known that Otaru is prospered by herring, so Herring Mansion is very popular in Hokkaido. Herring Mansion is called of Nishin Goten in Japanese.

   I have been to the Old Aoyama Villa with my friends. It is a splendid villa in the mountain where we can see beautiful flowers in summer and autumn.
(Photos took by June)

Winter in Hokkaido is very cold, but if you go to the Otaru Kihinkan, you will see the special scenery for your heart-warming. The golden world! I have seen the similar interior decoration in China, so it is very impressive to me. 

   I am looking forward to the snow-covered landscape looked down at The Old Aoyama Villa this year. Would you like to go with me?   Waiting for you!


Winter in Otaru

   My dear, have you enjoyed your summer vacation in Otaru ? Have you fallen in love to Otaru for its beautiful scenery ? I also have taken many photos of my favourite canal and ship.

   As you know, winter in Hokkaido is so cold that it needs to prepare heavy dress, but if you come into a world covered snow, how do you feel? These photos were took on the Tengu Mountain in last winter. We are able to overlook overall view of Otaru.

   Then, Otaru is also famous of glass products. I have made a field trip to a glass factory named of The Glass Studio in Otaru.

Here is the scene of glass making.

It is going to snow soon, would you want to see this snow world by yourself ?


Gourmet of Otaru

Hello everyone! Could you want to know what are the delicious foods.Otaru is famous of sea food ,cheese cake and buckwheat. I have eaten a lot of delicious foods with my friends in Otaru. Then I will recommend my favourite foods for you.


  It is beside the port that make Otaru very delicious of seafood. Look at my photos!

Seafood in Otaru is almost raw food so you can taste fresh things here.

Here is the famous market in Otaru named of Sankaku Market. I have eaten delicious seafood with my friends at the restaurant Takeda in Sankaku Market.

Tatsumizushi is also famous in Sakai Street which is the main street of Otaru.

Cheese Cake
   Cheese Cake LeTAO in Otaru is very popular for Japanese. It is perfect for you to share it with your family after lunch or dinner.


  Buckwheat set is my favourite food because it not just buckwheat but I also can taste Tenpura which is the traditional fried food in Japan. Here is a restaurant called Yabuhan near to the Otaru Station.

 Would you want to eat the delicious food in Otaru to enjoy your journey ?
The gourmet of Otaru is waiting for your coming.