Have you ever heard "Wax Bowl" ?

Can you guess what this gleaming object is?
This is a quite important thing for us to have "Otaru Snow Light Path".
We call it "Wax Bowl". As you might guess, it's made from wax.
Every year before this event, many volunteers make and place them at each venue around Otaru city. Old candles are reused every year. During this event, making wax bowl can be enjoyed easily.

Schedule : 2013. February. 8 ~ 17
Time : 5pm ~ 8:30pm
Fee : 800yen
Place : Temiya railway venue (Courtyard of Literary museum)
Access : 10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station

Volunteer staffs teach you how to make it, you can take your own wax bowl on the day. I've also made it 2 years ago, and still now I've been using it as a indirect lighting in my room. I'm sure that making your wax bowl becomes your wonderful memory in winter Otaru.
Have fun :)


4th Winter Glass Market in Canal Plaza

At Tourist information in Otaru, we're often asked like "Where can I make glass?".
Otaru is famous for Glass products because of floaters of herring fishery.
Of course, you can try glass making at ease in Otaru. Many glass studios provide original menus of glass making.
Actually as one of projects in "Otaru Snow Light Path" festival, wonderful glass market will be held in Canal Plaza. For 3 days in "Otaru Snow Light Path" festival, these local glass studios come together to Canal Plaza, and  open booths to sell their works and let us know how to make glass.
List of Glass Studios
  1. Asahara Glass Blowing
  2. Image Glass
  3. Irodoriya
  4. Otaru Handmade Glass Studio 
  5. Glass Studio NAKAMORI
  6. Kitaichi Glass Outlet
  7. Kim Glass Design
  8. Craft shop Ren
  9. The Glass Studio
  10. Glass Studio J-45
  11. Taisho Glass
  12. Taisho Glass Hokkoriya
  13. Curet
  14. Yuzu kobo
  15. Wako school Glass team
Schedule : 2013. February 9 to 11 (3days)
Opening hours : 3pm ~ 9pm
Venue : Hall 3 of Canal Plaza
Access : 10 minutes walk from JR Otaru station.
Our tourist information is located in this Canal Plaza!
We're looking forward to seeing you :)


15th Otaru Snow Light Path

I've introduced about its preparation yesterday however, we're going to have a beautiful event named…
"15th Otaru Snow Light Path"
Schedule : February 8 to 17
Time : 5 pm ~ 9pm
Main venues : Otaru Canal, Former Temiya Railway, Asarigawa onsen area


Preparation for Snow light festival

Look at this!! Beautiful, isn't it?
I took this picture last night in front of Canal Plaza. Yesterday, Our staff of Otaru tourism association and interpreters have made them.
As you know:), we're going to have an winter event, named "Otaru snow light path" for 10 days, from February 8 to 17.
Before this event as preparation and practice, we have been making snow candles and lighting them up in front of our tourist information.
During this event, so many snow candles and snow statues appear all around our city.
These lights are provided by lots of volunteers.
In addition, there is a courtyard in the old building in which our tourist information is.
If you'd like to try making snow statues and candles, why don't you come to our courtyard? For 10 days of this event, we'll let you know how to make snow candles in the courtyard. Let's make there full of soft lights!!