Preparation for Snow light festival

Look at this!! Beautiful, isn't it?
I took this picture last night in front of Canal Plaza. Yesterday, Our staff of Otaru tourism association and interpreters have made them.
As you know:), we're going to have an winter event, named "Otaru snow light path" for 10 days, from February 8 to 17.
Before this event as preparation and practice, we have been making snow candles and lighting them up in front of our tourist information.
During this event, so many snow candles and snow statues appear all around our city.
These lights are provided by lots of volunteers.
In addition, there is a courtyard in the old building in which our tourist information is.
If you'd like to try making snow statues and candles, why don't you come to our courtyard? For 10 days of this event, we'll let you know how to make snow candles in the courtyard. Let's make there full of soft lights!!

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