[MASSAN ELLIE] ❤❤International Love Story in Scotland♕♕

Welcome to HOKKAIDO.

My friends who came from China have spent their honeymoon in HOKKAIDO last month. The romantic place for your trip and love will give you a memorable recollection while you have to return to your busy daily life. 

  [MASSAN ELLIE] which is an international love story in Scotland is going to be broadcasted by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) on Sep 29th . Japanese hero MASSAN and Scotland heroine ELLIE spent their arduous days in Scotland and came back to Japan to set up the first whiskey factory in Japan. The characters of this romantic love story are based on Masataka Taketuru who is the founder of Nikka Whiskey and his wife. 

  The location of this drama is Yoichi in Hokkaido. Would you want to taste delicious whiskey and romantic atmosphere in Hokkaido?

 We are waiting for your coming.


Who is Otaru Ungappa?

   It is going to be cooler and cooler in Otaru.Otaru is very famous of canal, but do you know the boy who is living in the canal?His name is Ungappa.

   He is a river sprite came to Otaru Canal by himself, and then lived into here.
You can meet him when you come to Otaru at some festivals and you also can borrow the umbrella at information center when it rains suddenly. At that time Ungappa will tell you where you should return it back.(I mean you can see this card)

I have taken a nice photo with Ungappa. Would you like him?

Welcome to Otaru and lets take photos with Ungappa together.


Blue Cavern

Hello everyone! (o^^o)Where would you want to go in this autumn?
I have enjoyed my journey 
to the Blue Cavern by yacht last weekend .

Let′s go!!!  Wow~~!!!  Waves, Perfect ! 

Blue Cavern made me so curious that I could see a lot of rock of various shapes and colours.

We were also enjoying feeding seagulls when the caption stopped yacht to let us take photos on the sea.

Look there! 
That is the famous hotel named of Neuschloss Otaru which is close to Herring Mansion.

Herring Mansion was called Nishin Goten in Japanese. It is generally known that Otaru is prospered by herring, so Herring Mansion is very popular in Hokkaido.

Moreover, could you guess what this stone house is used for?
It is the house of Jizo who is a guardian deity of children and tourists.
Tourists will be protected on the journey by Jizo.

Would you want to take this yacht to see the beautiful cavern and look around seascape of Otaru personally?

We are waiting for you. (*^_^*)