[MASSAN ELLIE] ❤❤International Love Story in Scotland♕♕

Welcome to HOKKAIDO.

My friends who came from China have spent their honeymoon in HOKKAIDO last month. The romantic place for your trip and love will give you a memorable recollection while you have to return to your busy daily life. 

  [MASSAN ELLIE] which is an international love story in Scotland is going to be broadcasted by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) on Sep 29th . Japanese hero MASSAN and Scotland heroine ELLIE spent their arduous days in Scotland and came back to Japan to set up the first whiskey factory in Japan. The characters of this romantic love story are based on Masataka Taketuru who is the founder of Nikka Whiskey and his wife. 

  The location of this drama is Yoichi in Hokkaido. Would you want to taste delicious whiskey and romantic atmosphere in Hokkaido?

 We are waiting for your coming.

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