How's Sakura? #3

Leaves became bigger but not coming out yet...

anyway, what a good weather!!:-P

On the other hand...

I got information about beautiful SAKURA!!

This is a small cherry tree but sooo beautiful.

She is standing in front of "Otaru Masazushi Zenan"

(sushi restaurant. It's located quite near from Asakusa bridge.)


How's Sakura? #2

Leaves are growing up...
and Ms.Saimu found 3 buds!

Let's go to The Otaru aquarium on Children's day!!

Hello, how are you??

I will give you good information today.

From tomorrow, Golden week will start when there are four national holidays.

May 5th is one of the national holidays, named "Children's day".

Otaru quarium has great service for children on the day.

Children's admission fee become...FREE!! :) (Under 12years old children)

Many buses run from Chuo-bus Otaru station terminal located in front of Otaru station.

I recommend some shows of sea lions, dolphins, seals and penguins.

Please enjoy Otaru aquarium!!!

Time schedule of the shows


How's Sakura? #1

Umm...still not coming out... This cherry tree is in front of canal plaza. I look forward to seeing it in flower.

Mascot for Otaru

Hello, I will introduce cute friends today.

This is one of Otaru's mascots named "Ungappa" (means Canal & Kappa).

Old Otaru canal is the most famous spot in Otaru.

They might live in this canal...

Many kinds of their goods can be purchased in Canal plaza.

Key chain, pen, picture book, chopsticks...etc

Please come to see them!! :)


I found spring

When I walked down toward to Otaru canal from Otaru station, I found a vernal plant.

This is butterbur scape.

It's coming out along the Former Temiya railway. (The 3rd oldest railway in Hokkaido.)

Is this your country's vernal plant too?

Or does your coutry have any vernal plant?

Today's smile:)

Hello, how are you??

Today's smile is ... CHIAKI chan again!!:) The 3rd appearance☆

Can you see??

She is wearing Japanese towel of Sakura (Cherry blossom) 's pattern on her head



When I saw some pictures in my mobile casually, I found a beautiful picture...

I've started working at Otaru tourism association from the May of the last year and when I was going home, I took this photo in a train 2 days later from joining the company.

One of my friends taught me that around this season, we can enjoy splendid sunset.

I'd like you to see it in Otaru:)


Today's smile :)

I'll introduce new face in Otaru:)
Her name is Ms.Sasaoka.
She is JR train's staff (the only girl in a group of Otaru station!) and has started working from this spring.
Every morning, I see her saying "Good morning! Thank you for using:)" to passengers cheerfully with cute smile
When you come to Otaru and see her, please say hello


Do you know "Ankake Yakisoba"?

Talking of Otaru's gourmet, Sushi is the most famous food, but these days "Ankake Yakisoba" attracts attention. "Ankake Yakisoba" is fried noodle with thick starch sauce like this...↓↓

You can enjoy many kinds of vegetables and seafood with fried noodle. It's quite popular and lots of restaurants (not only Chinese restaurants but also hotels, ramen shops and coffee shops) have this menu in Otaru. In addition, a interesting event will be held from tomorrow for 2 months named "Ankake Stamp Rally". Let's collect stamps at each restaurant and get meal ticket!! Term: 15th April ~ 15th June Present: Collect 5 stamps...500 yen meal ticket for 50 winners by lot. Collect all 9 stamps...3,000 yen meal ticket for 20 winners by lot. Tourist information center has stamp form↓↓

Please ask us about "Ankake Yakisoba" and try them!!:)


Welcome inspection party from Taiwan:) wz Kimono

Hello, how are you

Today, an inspection party from Taiwan visited Otaru!!

They gave us wonderful messages. They hope that Hokkaido's tourism industry becomes cheerful as soon as possible.

We would like to do our best, thanks for coming to Otaru.

In addition, I got good chance to experience Japanese culture to welcome them.

That is...wearing Kimono.

Kimono is Japanese traditional clothes and you might think it's difficult to wear but there's nice shop in Otaru.

Name is "Otome no kimono" (乙女のきもの).

This shop has many kinds of antique Kimono, little items, Japanese old bags, hair accessories and so on. They sell Kimono from 1,000 yen (about US$10) and has rental Kimono too.

Of course they help you to wear Kimono.

Would you like to stroll in Otaru wearing Kimono and feeling good old atmosphere of Otaru??

Welcome to Otaru!!

Inspection party from Taiwan:)

Inside the shop "Otome no Kimono"

Many old little items

Me with Kimono

Everybody were ready with Happi coat:)
Umm...strange pose:-P


Access Guide in Otaru

Hello, we made very useful guide for foreign tourists.

This is "Access Guide in Otaru".

It's mentioned that how to get on JR train, bus, cruise and hire bicycles in Otaru.

In addition, it shows bus stops and JR stations of four areas. (Mt.Tengu, Asarigawa hot spring, Shukutsu and Beaches.)

I drew some pictures myself. I would like you to see it :)

We have this access guide at each three tourist information. (JR Otaru station, Clanal plaza and Asakusa bridge) and you can download this guide on the website of Otaru tourism association. http://www.otaru.gr.jp/

There's some pictures to show how to fold it on the website. (Thanks a lot Mr.Harada!!)

When you come to Otaru, please get it and it will help your strolling!!


Would you like Sakura map?

Hello, how are ya?

Otaru has many beauty spots of "Sakura" (Cherry blossoms).

I think you already know but, "Sakura" is Japanese national flower.

The best season to see Sakura in Otaru is from the begging to the middle of May.

Before this season, we have been making "Otaru Sakura Map" ourselves every year in the past, but this year, this map was changed and published a lot.

This map has eight areas information, but only in Japanese.

If you would like to visit these parks with this map, please visit our tourist information and ask staff. We will help you!!


Spring is coming...

When I walked at middle of Otaru city, I saw different sight from usual today. This river is "Myoken-river" which is located under the "Sushi-ya dori street". Usually this river flows calmly but in this season, the snows begun to melt and streamflow becomes fast. This is one of our spring... :)