Access Guide in Otaru

Hello, we made very useful guide for foreign tourists.

This is "Access Guide in Otaru".

It's mentioned that how to get on JR train, bus, cruise and hire bicycles in Otaru.

In addition, it shows bus stops and JR stations of four areas. (Mt.Tengu, Asarigawa hot spring, Shukutsu and Beaches.)

I drew some pictures myself. I would like you to see it :)

We have this access guide at each three tourist information. (JR Otaru station, Clanal plaza and Asakusa bridge) and you can download this guide on the website of Otaru tourism association. http://www.otaru.gr.jp/

There's some pictures to show how to fold it on the website. (Thanks a lot Mr.Harada!!)

When you come to Otaru, please get it and it will help your strolling!!

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