Otaru Noh Theater goes on public exhibition

Every year,
"Otaru Noh Theater"(小樽市能楽堂)
goes on public exhibition, and about 3 months, we will be able to enjoy it this year for free as well.

Term of Publication
   June 1 (Fri) ~ September 2 (Sun)   9:00~17:30

Free Performance Schedule
   June 23 (Sat) 13:30~15:00
   ●June 24 (Sun) 11:00~16:00
   June 28 (Thu) 11:30~16:00
  July   1   (Sun) 14:00~
  July  22 (Sun) 9:30~18:00
   July  29 (Sun) 13:30~15:00
   August  4 (Sat) 13:00~17:00
   August  5 (Sun) 13:00~15:00
   September  2 (Sun) 13:00~17:00

Free Exhibition
   Noh Mask Exhibition   July 4 (Wed) ~ 10 (Tue) 9:00~17:00

   5-2-1, Hanazono, Otaru city, Hokkaido

    Get a bus (# 9 or 24) from Nagazakiya supermarket (located in front of JR Otaru station) and get off at "Shiminkaikan-dori"(市民会館通). 10 minutes by bus.



How about enjoy Seafood in season?

Hello, how are ya?
I've got a great list of seafood in Otaru from the website of Otaru Fisheries Cooperative Association.
Local people in Otaru can get fresh seafood at fish markets easily.
When I go to the fish market, staff of each store lets me know about fish in season and the best way to cook them.
For visitors from overseas, it might be difficult to take raw seafood to their countries, but there are some restaurants in each fish market and also many kinds of seafood is processed to be stored for long period.
I translated the list in English, so have fun seafood in season in OTARU!!


Peony Festival @ Otaru Kihinkan

If you would like to enjoy old Japanese garden and gorgeous building together, this place is the best in Otaru, I suppose.
Actually, beautiful festival, named "Peony Festival" will be held here for the long term.
The place is "Herring Mansion Otaru Kihinkan"(The old Aoyama Villa).
During this festival, various products can be purchased as souvenirs, such as steamed bean-jam bun, Herring noodle, Peony Liquor, Sake and Chocolate.
In addition, lots of events will be held, including Kimono exhibition, Japanese drum performance and so on.

Term of the festival
   May 25 ~ July 5

   9:00 ~ 17:00

Admission Fee
   Adult 1,000 yen    
   Child 500 yen
How about wearing Kimono? If you visit there in Kimono, you don't need to pay admission fee!!

Place & Access
   Herring Mansion Otaru Kihinkan (The old Aoyama Villa)
   By Taxi ... 15 minutes from JR Otaru station. About 1,500yen.
   By Local Bus ... 20 minutes from Chuo-bus Otaru station terminal gate 3. Fare is 210 yen. Get off at "Shukutsu 3 chome" and 5 minutes walk. It's operated every 20 minutes.
   By stroller's Bus ... 20 minutes from Chuo-bus Otaru station terminal gate 3. Fare is 210 yen. It stops in front of Otaru Kihinkan and operated every hour.

   63, Shukutsu 3 chome, Otaru City, Hokkaido

   +81 134 24 0024



Otaru Canal Boat

Canal Boat is going to be operated everyday from today !!

May 19 ~ October 31

Adult. Day cruise 1,200 yen, Night cruise 1,500 yen
Child. 500yen (A child under elementary school student is available at no charge per adult.)
Charter. (Booking necessary) 1 boat 30,000 yen (22 seats × 2 boats, 20 seats × 1 boat

Day cruise 9:10, 10:00, 10:50, 11:40, 12:30, 13:20, 14:10, 15:00, 15:50, 16:40
Night cruise 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 (In July and August only)
*Night cruise needs...
   ・reservation by making a phone call before 4pm.
   ・3 people or more for operation.

Required time
This is about 40 minutes' cruise.

Dock & Course
・There are two docks, at Asakusa Bridge and North canal.
・Ticket counters are located at Asakusa Bridge Tourist information center (15 minutes walk from JR Otaru station) and in front of the barge at North canal(25 minutes walk from JR Otaru station).

Views of Canal boat

↑ New boat (22 seats)

To get more information, please feel free to visit Tourist information centers !!


How do you feel cool in hot summer?

One of Japanese customs in Japanese hot summer is hanging a wind-bell by the window.
As summer approaches, many kinds of wind-bells go on sale at stores.
At Canal Plaza too!!

You can see many prettily-shaped wind-bells at canal plaza, and my favorite one is...

in shape of BEER MUG!!
Cool, isn't it?
We can get handmade glass products in Otaru at ease.

I'm gonna get this before the summer comes:)


The 4th Otaru Herring Festival

The 4th Otaru Herring Festival will be held for 2 days.

 May 19 (Sat) ・ 20 (Sun) 10am~4pm

 Shukutsu Hard area

 Car... 20 minutes from Otaru city centre
 Bus... Get from Chuo-Bus Otaru Station terminal, Bus# 10 or 11 (bound for Otaru Aquarium), and get off at "Shukutsu". About 30 minutes. 210yen.

Main Events
"1,000 Free Grilled Herring"
  They provide free herring, 500 each day.
  Time...11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 (100 herring each)
  Please enjoy herring after grilling yourself.

"Shukutsu Seafood Products Sales"
  Time...10am~4pm (Close as soon as sold out)
  Products of herring, flatfish, sea urchin, scallop and prawn can be purchased.

"Let's enjoy Shukutsu Special Menus!"
  Restaurants around Shukutsu Hard area provide new menus featuring the themes of Herring and Otaru Seafood.
   〇Hotel Neuschloss Otaru ~ Kuki Celebrite Meal 1,500yen (includes bread, salad, dessert and coffee. Limited 20 meals a day.)

   〇Marine Restaurant ~ Seafood Chinese Dumpling 700yen (limited 30 plates a day)

   〇Aotsuka Restaurant ~ Hiyoriyama Japanese Meal 980yen (limited 20 meals a day)

   〇Shiosai Restaurant ~ Otohime Curry 650yen (limited 50 plates a day.)

   〇Hamanoya Restaurant (in Otaru Aquarium) ~ Herring Soba 650yen (limited 20 soba a day)

   〇Otaru Kihinkan ~ Herring Sushi stick and Soba Meal 1,365yen

↑ Grilled Herring

To get more information, please feel free to visit each Tourist information !! :-)


International Information Center!!

Hello, how are you ?
Long time no update :-P
Actually, I've been preparing for our new work place.
That is...

International Information Center !!
(He is Mr Eto, speaks Japanese & Korean.)
One of our tourist information, Canal Plaza was reborn as a International Information Center.
Three of interpreters (speak English, Chinese or Korean) are here everyday and transmit information for sightseeing.
We are collecting various leaflets of whole Hokkaido in foreign languages.
It might be convenient for visitors from overseas.

We are looking forward to seeing you at new International Information Center!!