Otaru Canal Boat

Canal Boat is going to be operated everyday from today !!

May 19 ~ October 31

Adult. Day cruise 1,200 yen, Night cruise 1,500 yen
Child. 500yen (A child under elementary school student is available at no charge per adult.)
Charter. (Booking necessary) 1 boat 30,000 yen (22 seats × 2 boats, 20 seats × 1 boat

Day cruise 9:10, 10:00, 10:50, 11:40, 12:30, 13:20, 14:10, 15:00, 15:50, 16:40
Night cruise 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 (In July and August only)
*Night cruise needs...
   ・reservation by making a phone call before 4pm.
   ・3 people or more for operation.

Required time
This is about 40 minutes' cruise.

Dock & Course
・There are two docks, at Asakusa Bridge and North canal.
・Ticket counters are located at Asakusa Bridge Tourist information center (15 minutes walk from JR Otaru station) and in front of the barge at North canal(25 minutes walk from JR Otaru station).

Views of Canal boat

↑ New boat (22 seats)

To get more information, please feel free to visit Tourist information centers !!

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