The 4th Otaru Herring Festival

The 4th Otaru Herring Festival will be held for 2 days.

 May 19 (Sat) ・ 20 (Sun) 10am~4pm

 Shukutsu Hard area

 Car... 20 minutes from Otaru city centre
 Bus... Get from Chuo-Bus Otaru Station terminal, Bus# 10 or 11 (bound for Otaru Aquarium), and get off at "Shukutsu". About 30 minutes. 210yen.

Main Events
"1,000 Free Grilled Herring"
  They provide free herring, 500 each day.
  Time...11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 (100 herring each)
  Please enjoy herring after grilling yourself.

"Shukutsu Seafood Products Sales"
  Time...10am~4pm (Close as soon as sold out)
  Products of herring, flatfish, sea urchin, scallop and prawn can be purchased.

"Let's enjoy Shukutsu Special Menus!"
  Restaurants around Shukutsu Hard area provide new menus featuring the themes of Herring and Otaru Seafood.
   〇Hotel Neuschloss Otaru ~ Kuki Celebrite Meal 1,500yen (includes bread, salad, dessert and coffee. Limited 20 meals a day.)

   〇Marine Restaurant ~ Seafood Chinese Dumpling 700yen (limited 30 plates a day)

   〇Aotsuka Restaurant ~ Hiyoriyama Japanese Meal 980yen (limited 20 meals a day)

   〇Shiosai Restaurant ~ Otohime Curry 650yen (limited 50 plates a day.)

   〇Hamanoya Restaurant (in Otaru Aquarium) ~ Herring Soba 650yen (limited 20 soba a day)

   〇Otaru Kihinkan ~ Herring Sushi stick and Soba Meal 1,365yen

↑ Grilled Herring

To get more information, please feel free to visit each Tourist information !! :-)

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