City Hot Pot 100 chosen

  Do you feel extremely cold in Otaru this winter?
 we are holding an event called"City Hot Pot 100 chosen" till 2014 year Jan 13th,which would brings you the warmth of Hokkaido.

We have chosen 67 restaurants' 100 menus for you.
In this map,you can have a look at the photos , the prices and the addresses of those  restaurants.
The maps are available at the Otaru Station,the  Otaru Canal Plaza and the Information Center.(in Japanese)
Please ask the staff,if you have any question.




5000 shining wishing stars floting in thecanal

   performing a fantastic starry sky


     ✿12.21(Sat)~23(Mon) three days  

      floating time:17:00~19:30    lighting time: 17:00~20:00

     ✿ floating ticket for 1000(only in  Otaru Canal Plaza)   

      enadvance sale for 900en , available at the  Otaru Canal  Plaza ,the Tourist Information Center  and the  convenience store"7 11"

    Long time no see,everyone.  ..^o^..

   Christmas is coming. At this sweet time, how about floating a wishing star to the Otaru canal with your  sincere wishes?

  The "wishing star " is a LED-light- ball with a solar battery inside, which makes it reusable.When it is put in water, it would out beautiful blue light. Just make a image, please,  about of  this kind of stars... It looks like the starry sky falls down just before your eyes!!!


 is it like a dream !

  ***Come and join us***




Snow Artwork "SNOW PALLET"

 heavy snow continues in Otaru.Be careful not to catch cold. 

This time, I'd like to introduce you an ingenious snow-artwork "SNOW PALLET".

 It's created by Toshihiko Shibuya, an artist born in Sapporo,Hokkaido,who pursues the resonance of a place by his artworks.

 In this artwork,fluorescent paint has been painted on the back of objects, in order to draw out the vivid reflection through the snow's bright surface.The landscape would change according to  the amount of snow ,the sunlight and different heights of  the 


look like cakes...0_0...

The imagination is really amazing!
Welcome to our plaza and have a look of it at our yard!


Otaru Canal Plaza "Santa Market" Open^_~

  I'm the new staff of Otaru Canal Plaza named"Jiaxin".It's my pleasure to share the beautiful Otaru with you.
 There was a heavy snow in Otaru this two days.Otaru has been decorated in pure white,which I think is the real Otaru.
the light tower before our plaza
beautiful snow-scape
We're here!
the roof of our plaza
the art area in our court
  At this beautiful time,Our Otaru Canal Plaza holds"Santa  Market" at the third gallery from Nov.30th to Dec.25th.There are various delicate  specialties of Otaru and groceries for Christmas on display. It will take you a little time to experience Otaru.
Such as glitter glass tableware,giftware and jewelry.Also the famous "Otaru music box"must attract your sight.

so cute,right?

mom and baby

angle pig!!!
                       they are handmade!

Santas are coming*^_^*
Hello Christmas

welcome to the mystery world

Lalala...enjoy the chorus
what a beautiful art!
  Make a special memory of Christmas at Otaru Canal Plaza and have a good time in Otaru!
  Please mail me if you have any matter.