Otaru Canal Plaza "Santa Market" Open^_~

  I'm the new staff of Otaru Canal Plaza named"Jiaxin".It's my pleasure to share the beautiful Otaru with you.
 There was a heavy snow in Otaru this two days.Otaru has been decorated in pure white,which I think is the real Otaru.
the light tower before our plaza
beautiful snow-scape
We're here!
the roof of our plaza
the art area in our court
  At this beautiful time,Our Otaru Canal Plaza holds"Santa  Market" at the third gallery from Nov.30th to Dec.25th.There are various delicate  specialties of Otaru and groceries for Christmas on display. It will take you a little time to experience Otaru.
Such as glitter glass tableware,giftware and jewelry.Also the famous "Otaru music box"must attract your sight.

so cute,right?

mom and baby

angle pig!!!
                       they are handmade!

Santas are coming*^_^*
Hello Christmas

welcome to the mystery world

Lalala...enjoy the chorus
what a beautiful art!
  Make a special memory of Christmas at Otaru Canal Plaza and have a good time in Otaru!
  Please mail me if you have any matter.

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