2013 Winter information.


 The first snow was came to  Otaru day before yesterday.
Cold weather is coming.

So,today let me tell you some winter information about tourist facilities.


 Tourist Facilities 


   Opened until (Sat) 31st, Aug

The Forner Otaru Branch of NYK Line

   Because of building repair ,temporary closure for

   contact:Otaru Museum  0134-33-2523   

 ≪September ≫
 Opened until 1st, Sep.
 Otaru nougakudou 
    0134-25-8800(Contact: Otaru Civic Center)    

 ≪October ≫ 
   Opened until (Mon) 14th, Oct.(Close on Tue,15th,Oct.)

   Rental bicycle at Cruise Ship Dock
 Otaru City Tourism Promotion Office  0134-29-3131

Otaru Aquarium Amusement Park (Shukutsu Marine Land)
    0134-33-1400(Otaru Aquarium)

 Business hour will be changed from (Wed)16th,Oct.
「Otaru Aquarium」and「Nishin Goten(Herring Mansion)」will change the business hour from(Web)16th,Oct. 9:00 am~16:00 pm. 

          Until (Tue)15th Oct. the opening time is 9:00 am~17:00 pm.
    Otaru Aquarium  0134-33-1400
    Otaru Nisingoten (Herring Mansion)  0134-22-1038

 Opened until (Sun)20th Oct.(closed from (Mon)21st,Oct.) 

Ibarakike Nakadebari Bannya  0134-26-6160

 Opened until (Thu)31st Octclosed from (Fri)1st,Nov.

 Otaru shizennomura  0134-25-1701

   Soenji(Gohyaku Rakan)  0134-22-7772

     Kaiyoutei   0134-22-0334  



 Opened  until (Sun)3rd,Nov.(Closed from (Mon)4th,Nov.)   

Temiya green arboretum  0134-22-7773     

 Opened until (Mon)4th,Nov.Closed from (Tue)5th,Nov.    

Temiya Caven Preservation Center  0134-33-2523(Contact:)

    Asari dam memorial hall  0134-52-0241

   Tenguyama Ropeway  0134-33-7381   
      By the facilitate maintenance,Tenguyama ropeway will be  closed for (Tue)5th,Nov. to (Fri)22nd,Nov. 



Otaru Museum(temiya Cave)

 The Summer Business Hours is until (Mon) 4th Nov.
 Iron horse and outdoor train cars exhibit will be out of service for winter.
 The winter Business Hours will be started from (Wed)6th Nov.
    Otaru MUseum  0134-33-2523

 Opened until (Sun)10th,Nov Closed from (Mon)11th ,Nov.      

     なえぼNaebo Park Mori no Shizenkan  0134-27-6061

 Opened until (Sun)24th,Nov Closed from (Mon)25th ,Nov.   

    Otaru Nishingoten(Herring mansion)  0134-22-1038


 Opened until (Sat)30th,Nov.
 Otaru Aquarium

  It will be closed for  (Sun)1st,Dec. to (Mon)9th,Dec.
   Winter Business Hour will be started from (Tue)10th Dec. 2013.

  Transport Facilities 

 ≪ September ≫ 
    Closed from (Mon)30th,Sept.

   Blue Grotto&Fishing Boat
   TSUUSEN 0134-23-8942

    Blue Grotto Sea kayak
   Blue Holic  0134-26-1802

 ≪ October ≫ 
    Operate ending at (Mon)14th,Oct.
(Closed from (Tue) 15th,Oct.)       

Otaru Cruise Ship/House  Boat
Otaru sightseeing promotion public corporation  0134-29-3131 


   Boat Cruising   Otaru port Marina  0134-22-1311 

  You cannot go to 'Shakotan Cape Kamui' by 'Shakotan line' of Chuo bus from Mon. 21st Oct. 
   Shakotan express runs to Bikuni.
   Shakotan line runs to Shakotan Yobetsu.
   Chuo Bus Otaru Terminal  0134-25-3333

   Finished on 31st Oct.

   Otaru Canal Cruise   Otaru Canal Boat  0134-31-1733   

 ≪ Nov ≫ 
Running until  (Mon)4th,Nov.   

 SL niseko train    
 JR Otaru Station  0134-22-0771    

  Bonnet Tourism Bus  
    Chuo Bus Otaru Terminal  0134-25-3333   

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