Music from the heavens fills the city of Otaru


  Today ,I will introduce a place for you, the Music Box 


  At the end of Sakaemachi street ,you can see a historical 

red building .It was built in 1912 as the main office of one of 

the greatest grain and rice merchants in Hokkaido. Now, it is 

the Main Building of the Otaru Music Box Museum.

   So, you will enjoy a dreamy world created by more than 

25000 music boxes, including glass music boxes unique to 


I bought it for my mom  :P


The cat will take you fortune and happiness.

Isn't this Minnie Mouse  very cute?
This is the cartoon character of
 animation 「My Neighbor Totoro」 

  If you came to Otaru, please take your time to fully enjoy 

your visit here.

 And this is the HP  of  the Music Box Museum.

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