17th Otaru Snow Light Path17th Otaru Snow Light Path

★Welcome to romantic city Otaru !

   As the location of [Love Letter], Otaru is very popular of propose.❤

  And would you know that a beautiful event has been held every year at Otaru Canal.
It´s named of [Otaru Snow Light Path] .

 Feb 6th (Fri~15th(Sun)  PM 5:00~PM 9:00 

  17th Otaru Snow Light Path


  Don´t you want to spend your winter holiday with your lover or propose to your              

 Romantic city Otaru is waiting for your coming. 


International Snow Shoveling Sport in Otaru 2015

 Hello everyone !

  Winter in Otaru is so cold and always snowing outside that it will be inconvenient for outdoor activities. However, snow shoveling is efficient to cope with this heavy snow.Therefore, we will hold an International Snow Shoveling Sport in Otaru.
  Is there also a lot of snow in your country? Would you want to experience snow shoveling?

International Snow Shoveling Sport in Otaru 2015

   Feb 21st (Sat)   Multipurpose Square(close to the Otaru Canal )
  8:00              Reception Start
   9:00              Opening Ceremony
   9:30-12:00    [The first contest] Snow Shoveling of volunteer



❤Otaru Walking !!!★

  Would you know how to go around Otaru by yourself ?  I think this walking map will help you to walk efficiently.

  As you know, Otaru is famous of canal and glass factory. However,do you also want to eat delicious seafood in Hokkaido? Japanese food named Sushi is best for you to enjoy your trip.Sushi-go-round is cheap and delicious for your lunch or dinner.(No30)

  Then,LeTAO is famous of cheese cake in Japan. They also have English and Chinese speaking staff.Please feel free to buy your favourite cake.

  ★Beautiful and delicious Otaru is waiting for your coming.❤


Business Hours for Year-end and New-year Holiday

Happy New Year  

Business Hours for Year-end and New-year Holiday

  2014.12.31  9:00-15:00
2015.1.1      Close     
 2015.1.2   10:00-17:00
 2015.1.3   10:00-17:00
 2015.1.4   10:00-17:00

 From 2015.1.5    9:00-18:00 
The usual business hours

Otaru Tourism Association