Reasonable and delicious donburi - Poseidon


When you visit Otaru, what meals would you like to eat?
Sushi is famous here of course, but seafood rice bowl dishes(which are called "Kaisen-don") are also popular!
But if you would eat delicious seafood, it costs much as you know...

However, we have some kinds of reasonable seafood restaurants in Otaru!
I introduce one of them this time, it is named "Poseidon".


Popular sweets in Otaru - PANJU of Kuwataya

It's almost the end of June, but temperatures are much lower compared to annual.

By the way, how many famous sweets in Otaru do you know?
Some western-sweets such as Fromage Double of LeTAO are popular these days, but there are good-old Japanese sweets still.

One of them is PANJU.