Reasonable and delicious donburi - Poseidon


When you visit Otaru, what meals would you like to eat?
Sushi is famous here of course, but seafood rice bowl dishes(which are called "Kaisen-don") are also popular!
But if you would eat delicious seafood, it costs much as you know...

However, we have some kinds of reasonable seafood restaurants in Otaru!
I introduce one of them this time, it is named "Poseidon".

Poseidon is located along the main shopping street named Sakaimachi.
It is popular among tourists because of the cost performance.

I ordered a donburi named "Omakase Sanshoku Don", which you can choose 3 kinds of seafood for your donburi!
I chose Salmon, Crab, and Negitoro(tuna with green onion).
It costs only 1200yen. How reasonable it is :)
I ate it with wasabi and soy sauce basted on it.
It was so delicious and I was full!
I also ordered miso soup.
There are many kinds of Donburi, and the cheapest donburi only costs 500yen.
It is easy for you to try Donburi for the first time!
Also Poseidon has various menu such as grilled fish, law fish and miso soup.
Of course they have various beverages.
It is good for you to have Kaisen-don at Poseidon when you visit Otaru.
Enjoy making your favorite Donburi! :)
Kaisen-donya Otaru Poseidon
Their official website is here.

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