Popular sweets in Otaru - PANJU of Kuwataya

It's almost the end of June, but temperatures are much lower compared to annual.

By the way, how many famous sweets in Otaru do you know?
Some western-sweets such as Fromage Double of LeTAO are popular these days, but there are good-old Japanese sweets still.

One of them is PANJU.

These are Panjuu!

Panju is a baked sweet made in Taisyo-era (1912-1926).
It is packed full of Anko (sweet bean paste) inside of crispy thin skin of bread.
Because breads were too expensive to buy a long time ago, they tried to make a delicious sweet at a low price.
Through a trial and error processes, they made Panju finally!
PAN means bread, and JU means manju.(one of traditional Japanese sweets)

At the first time, there was only Panju with anko-taste, but now many tastes such as Chocolate and custard are made.
Some unique tastes are on sale for a limited time only such as Sakura-an, white chocolate and pumpkin.
Kuwataya made many kinds of Panju because it is easy to eat for children.
How sweet they are! :)

I went to the main store of Kuwataya which is located in Otaru Canal Terminal for my lunch time.
one panju costs only 85yen!

I ordered 3 of Panjus with tastes of:
1.Mochi-an...rice cake and anko
2.Cream...Custard cream
3.Chocolate...Chocolate cream

Mochi-an is my favorite! :^)

Can you see how thick they are?
It tastes so sweet and delicious as you can see on your eyes...:)

There are also many kinds of sweets and smoothies in Kuwataya.
And the names of them are so unique!
I love the name of strawberry crape...it is named "Ichigo no Hatsukoi",
which means "fist love of strawberries"! cute :)

Kuwataya is located in Otaru Canal Terminal.
It takes about 5min. by Canal plaza, 10min. by Otaru station.
It opens for 9:00 to 19:00.
Website of Kuwataya is here. (written in Japanese)

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